What airlines allow emotional support animals 2021?

The following airlines still allow flying with an ESA dog in cabin, in 2021:
  • China air.
  • Latam Airlines.
  • Norwegian Air.
  • Singapore Air.
  • Virgin Australia.
  • Volaris.
  • Westjet.

Do airlines allow emotional support animals?

To fly with an emotional support animal on participating airlines, you will need an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional. The LMHP will also need to fill out forms provided by the airline. Most airlines require that ESA documents be submitted at least 48 hours before departure.

Which airlines are banning emotional support animals?

In March, Southwest Airlines joined American, Delta, and United in banning emotional support animals from flights and only letting trained and documented service dogs accompany passengers into the cabin.

Can airlines deny emotional support animals?

Emotional-Support Animals Are Banned on Airplanes, but Service Dogs Can Still Fly Free – WSJ.

Does southwest allow ESA dogs?

Effective March 1, 2021, Southwest will accept only trained service dogs for travel and will no longer transport emotional support animals. … Customers should complete the form, which will be available both on the airline’s website and at airport locations, after booking their travel.

Does JetBlue still allow ESA?

ACAA and ESAs: What You Need to Know

And up until 2021, it was a law followed in its entirety by all airlines. However, JetBlue ESA policy no longer follows the ACAA and will only apply the law if the assistance animal is a service animal or psychiatric service animal.

Do ESA dogs fly for free?

Airlines let emotional support animals fly for free with a doctor’s note. … The animal must be well-behaved and there must be adequate space onboard. The airlines are allowed to ask people traveling with emotional support animals for that documentation, but they are not required to.

Do airlines check ESA letters?

Airlines will require you to present a legitimate ESA letter. According to Transportation.gov airlines require the ESA letter to include; That your condition is recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). … You are under the professional care of a licensed mental health professional.