What film has the most sequels ever?

The movie with the most sequels is Huang Fei-hong zhuan: Bian feng mie zhu. (1949). It has a total of 88 sequels.

What movies have more than 5 sequels?

5 Movie Series With More Than 5 Sequels
  • Resident Evil – 6 movies. This sci-fi action-horror movie series came to an end last year. …
  • Rocky – 7 movies. …
  • Planet of the Apes – 8 movies. …
  • Saw – 8 movies. …
  • Fast and the Furious – 8 movies.

What is the largest movie series?

the Marvel Cinematic Universe
The 27 films (as of 2022) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe form the highest grossing film series even when adjusted for inflation, surpassing J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World (10 films) Star Wars (11 films), Ian Fleming’s James Bond (25 films), and J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth (6 films) series.

What is a series of 6 movies called?

You can call a series of four films (or books) a tetrology or a quartet, a series of five a quintet or pentalogy (or maybe even quintology), but “sextet” seems to be the standard usage for a series of six. “Sextology” and “hextology” have apparently been used by some, but they do not appear to be widely-accepted words.

What movie has the most kills?

George Romero’s iconic Dawn of the deceased from 1978 featured over 100 human and zombie deaths and could easily hold a top spot all on its own. However, the 2004 remake pushed the boundaries on the genre and managed to overtake the original with over 140 kills.

Who has more kills Jason or Michael?

That being said, Kills has Michael set a new personal record for most kills in one of his films. While some may argue this makes him the slasher with the most kills in the genre, his feats hardly reach that of Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th.

Who has the highest body count in history?

Serial killers with the highest known victim count. The most prolific modern serial killer is arguably Dr. Harold Shipman, with 218 probable murders and possibly as many as 250 (see “Medical professionals”, below). However he was actually convicted of a sample of 15 murders.

Who says the F word most?

Would you have guessed Jonah Hill? Hill is the most foul-mouthed actor of all time. That’s according to Buzz Bingo that looked at swearing in over 3,500 films. It found that Hill used 376 curse words throughout his career, just ahead of Leonardo DiCaprio who had 361.

Who cursed the most in movies?

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill takes the top spot thank to his extensive work in R-rated comedies like 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, Superbad, The Sitter, Get Him to the Greek, and others. But what really put him over the top was Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. He swears 107 times in that movie alone.

How many F bombs are in a knife?

Crude or Profane Language

Two f-words and nearly 30 s-words.

What song has most bad words?

Record. The song once held a Guinness record for “Most swear words in a song” with 295 expletives. Psychostick currently now holds the record with their song N.S.F.W. with over 500 expletives.

How many times has Samuel L Jackson said the F word in movies?

Research group Buzz Bingo found in a study called, “Profanity on Film” that Hill swore exactly 376 times throughout his film career. Jackson cursed only 301 times throughout his extensive filmography, which may come as surprising when thinking of his most famous roles.