Which natural phenomenon can trigger a landslide quizlet?

Which natural phenomenon can trigger a landslide? intense rain or an earthquake.

What natural phenomenon can trigger landslide Brainly?

The term landslide includes slides, falls, and flows of unconsolidated materials. Landslides can be triggered by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, soil saturated by heavy rains or groundwater rise, and river undercutting. Earthquake shaking of saturated soils creates particularly dangerous conditions.

Is landslide a phenomenon?

A landslide occurs when dirt, rocks and assorted rubble are dislodged and pulled by gravity down a slope. This phenomenon is sometimes called slope failure because the underlying earth holding the debris in place fails to maintain that hold.

What is a landslide and what causes one?

A landslide is the movement of rock, earth, or debris down a sloped section of land. Landslides are caused by rain, earthquakes, volcanoes, or other factors that make the slope unstable.

What are the common causes of landslide in the Philippines?

Natural triggers.Intense rainfall.Weathering of rocks.Ground vibrations created during earthquakes.Volcanic activity.Man-made triggers.

What is landslide disaster?

Landslides. Landslides occur when ground on slopes becomes unstable. The unstable ground collapses and flows down the side of a hill or mountain, and can consist of earth, rocks, mud and any debris which may be caught in its wake. If a landslide occurs near inhabited areas, it can cause a great deal of damage.

What are the six major landslide triggering mechanism?

The primary external factors that can trigger a landslide include: (1) weathering of rock strata; (2) increased pore water pressure, such as the infiltration of rainwater or rise of groundwater surface; (3) increased loading by, for example, rainfall, accumulated snow or flourish vegetation; (4) the supporting forces …

How can you man activities trigger landslide?

Yes, in some cases human activities can be a contributing factor in causing landslides. Many human-caused landslides can be avoided or mitigated. They are commonly a result of building roads and structures without adequate grading of slopes, poorly planned alteration of drainage patterns, and disturbing old landslides.

Is landslide a natural disaster?

When large areas of soil become saturated on steep slopes, the pull of gravity causes the top layers of the soil to slide downhill, therefore resulting in a landslide. … They are a deadly and unpredictable type of natural disaster and are the leading reason for landslides or Rock falls occurring worldwide.