Which of the following is a molecular solid?

Which of the following is a molecular solid? Solution: Ice is a hydrogen bonded molecular solid. Hydrogen atom of one water molecule forms hydrogen bonds with oxygen atom of neighboring water molecule. Diamond, Graphite and Quartz are giant or network solids (covalent solids).

Which substance will form a molecular solid?

Classes of molecular solids include organic compounds composed of carbon and hydrogen, fullerenes, halogens (F, Cl, etc.), chalcogens (O, S, etc.), and pnictogens (N, P, etc.). Larger molecules are less volatile and have higher melting points because their dispersion forces increase with the larger number of atoms.

What is molecular solids with example?

A molecular solid is a solid composed of molecules held together by the van der Waals forces. Because these dipole forces are weaker than covalent or ionic bonds, molecular solids are soft and have relatively low melting temperature. Hydrogen-bonded molecular solids. … Examples are HCl, F, O, N.

Which of the following list has molecular solids only?

Carborundum, dry ice, diamond, solid `H_2`, benzene.

Is nh4no3 a molecular solid?

Ammonium nitrate is commercially available both as a colorless crystalline solid and processed into prills for specific applications. Soluble in water. … It is an inorganic molecular entity, an ammonium salt and an inorganic nitrate salt.

Is bromine a molecular solid?

Water and bromine are liquids that form molecular solids when cooled slightly; H2O freezes at 0oC and Br2 freezes at -7oC. Molecular solids are characterized by relatively strong intramolecular bonds between the atoms that form the molecules and much weaker intermolecular bonds between these molecules.

Which of the following forms a molecular solid and solidified?

Silicon dioxide is network solid due to strong intermolecular covalent bond. In carbon dioxide, the molecules are bonded by weak van der Walls force. Hence, they are molecular solids. So, the correct answer is option C.

Is ZNS a molecular solid?

In the case of zinc sulphide, It is a metal sulphide having crystalline structure. It is not an example of molecular solid.

Is ice molecular solid?

Molecular solids, such as ice, sucrose (table sugar), and iodine, as shown in Figure 6, are composed of neutral molecules. The strengths of the attractive forces between the units present in different crystals vary widely, as indicated by the melting points of the crystals.

Does methane forms a molecular solid when solidified?

CH4 form molecular solid. Atoms or molecules are bonded throug Van Der Waals forces (london dispersion, dipole-dipole interaction and hydrogen bonding).

Which one of the following forms a molecular solid When solid fired?

Explanation: Silicon Carbide form covalent solid, CaF2 and NaCl form ionic crystal. CH4 form molecular solid.

Is argon molecular solid?

Argon is a molecular solid or atomic solid because lattice points are Ar atoms (molecules) which are held together by means of van der Waal’s forces of attraction. The atomic number of Argon is 18.

Is CO2 molecular solid?

Solid CO2 is an example of molecular crystal. They have relatively weak intermolecular binding.

Is methane a molecular solid?

There is van der Waal bonding among CH4 molecules in the solid state, hence it is a molecular solid.

Is h2 an atomic solid?

The squished hydrogen is a precursor to a state of matter first proposed in the 1930s, called atomic solid metallic hydrogen. When cooled to low enough temperatures, hydrogen (which on Earth is usually found as a gas) can become a solid; at high enough pressures, when the element solidifies, it turns into a metal.

Is copper a molecular solid?

Metallic solid: A solid that consists of positive cores (nuclei) of atoms held together by a surrounding “sea” of electrons (metallic bonding). In this kind of bonding, positively charged atomic cores are surrounded by delocalized electrons. Examples include iron, copper, and silver.

Why is benzene a molecular solid?

Benzene is a molecular solid (non−polar). In this type of solid, the atoms or molecules are held together by intermolecular forces such as dipole-dipole forces, London dispersion forces, hydrogen bonds and covalent bonds.

Why is s8 a molecular solid?

In the ${S_8}$ molecules, the Sulphur atoms are attached to each other by weak London forces between the molecules. Also, it does not conduct electricity because of the lack of free electrons. So, ${S_8}$ molecules are the molecular solids.

Is P4 molecular solid?

P4 is a molecular solid which occur in the form of molecules held by the group of atoms. Diamond is a crystalline solid since it has a proper inter molecular arrangement.

Is n2 a molecular solid?

Small symmetrical molecules (nonpolar molecules), such as H2, N2, O2, and F2, have weak attractive forces and form molecular solids with very low melting points (below −200 °C).