Who said originals quiz?

12. Harry Potter: Who Said It?

Match the quotes to the characters who said them.
% Correct
Klaus Mikaelson 62.4%
Klaus Mikaelson 62%
Camille O’Connell 57.5%
Camille O’Connell 56.4%

Is Klaus Mikaelson the best character?

Klaus Mikaelson was one of the best villains in Mystic Falls, and while his family certainly ranked on the list, there were only two other villains that were as exciting as him. Even Katherine and Kai didn’t have the residents in fear as much as Klaus – and they were just as impressionable.

How many Mikaelson siblings are there?


That trio constituted the most prominent Originals, but they weren’t the only ones. Brothers Kol and Finn were also introduced on The Vampire Diaries. And fans got a brief glimpse at doomed youngest brother, Henrik, too.