Who won the first Super Bowl in history?

Green Bay Packers
The Green Bay Packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the first-ever Super Bowl.

Who won the 1st and 2nd Super Bowl?

NFL History – Super Bowl Winners
Super Bowl Winners and Results
I Jan. 15, 1967 Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10
II Jan. 14, 1968 Green Bay 33, Oakland 14
III Jan. 12, 1969 New York Jets 16, Baltimore 7

Who won the first Super Bowl in 1966?

Green Bay Packers
The Packers finished the 1966 NFL season at 12–2, and defeated the Dallas Cowboys 34–27 in the NFL Championship Game.

Super Bowl I.
Kansas City Chiefs (AFL) (11–2–1) Green Bay Packers (NFL) (12–2)
10 35
Head coach: Hank Stram Head coach: Vince Lombardi

How many Super Bowls have each NFL team won?

The New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl a record six times, most recently Super Bowl LIII in February 2019.

Super Bowls won by NFL team from 1967 to 2021.
Characteristic Super Bowl wins
New England Patriots 6
San Francisco 49ers 5
Dallas Cowboys 5
Green Bay Packers 4

Who won the 2nd Super Bowl?

Super Bowl II/Champion
MIAMI, Fla., Jan. 14 — The Green Bay Packers became embroiled in a rousing defensive battle with the Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl today but won their second straight AFL-NFL world championship, 33-14.

Who performed at the first Super Bowl in 1967?

Al Hirt
College marching bands were the headliners for the first 15-minute-long halftime show. The University of Arizona Symphonic Marching Band was the headliner in 1967 with appearances from Grambling State University’s Marching Band and a celebrity guest: trumpeter Al Hirt.

Who scored the first touchdown in Super Bowl history?

receiver Max McGee
Near the end of his 12-year career, Packers receiver Max McGee scored the first touchdown in Super Bowl history. Super Bowl I between the Chiefs and Packers, which was played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Jan. 15, 1967, wasn’t much of a competition: Green Bay won 35-10.

Who won Super Bowls in the 90s?

San Francisco Denver
The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowls, with six wins each.

Super Bowl Winners.
Year 1990
Winner San Francisco
Opposition Denver
Score 55-10

Did Three Stooges perform first Super Bowl?

The very first Super Bowl took place on January 15th, 1967, with a halftime show featuring the Three Stooges with The University Of Arizona and Grambling State marching band.

Who won the Super Bowl in the 1960s?

the Green Bay Packers
On January 15, 1967, the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL) smash the American Football League (AFL)’s Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10, in the first-ever AFL-NFL World Championship, later known as Super Bowl I, at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles.

What team has been to the Super Bowl the most?

The New England Patriots
Which team has appeared most often in the Super Bowl? The New England Patriots have appeared in the National Football League’s annual championship game a record 11 times, winning the Super Bowl six times.

Did Michael Jackson perform at the Super Bowl?

Pop singer Michael Jackson performs during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXVII between the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills on January 31, 1993 at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

When was first Super Bowl?

January 15, 1967
Super Bowl/First event date
The first Super Bowl was held on January 15, 1967. Arising out of a merger of the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL), it was originally called the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.” It was hosted in Los Angeles, California, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

What was the first Super Bowl halftime show?

January 15, 1967
Super Bowl halftime/First event date

Do Super Bowl halftime acts get paid?

Believe it or not, Super Bowl halftime performers get paid next to nothing. “There is not an appearance fee,” NFL Vice President of Communications Brian McCarthy tells ThePioneerWoman.com. … “The NFL covers all costs associated with the show,” McCarthy confirms, including production and travel expenses.

How much was Michael Jackson paid for Super Bowl?

After three failed negotiations, including asking the NFL for a fee of $1 million, Jackson’s management agreed to allow him to perform at Super Bowl XXVII.

What was the name of Michael Jackson’s ranch?

Neverland Ranch
Jackson bought the ranch, a 2,700-acre property in Los Olivos, Calif, about 125 miles northwest of Los Angeles, for about $17 million in 1988. He named it Neverland Ranch, after the mythical island home of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up.

How much did Lady Gaga get paid for the Super Bowl?

2017: Lady Gaga, $10 million.