What is fusion in simple words?

Fusion is the process of combining two or more things together into one. … The noun fusion comes from the Latin word fundere, meaning melt, so fusion is the act of melting things together. In science, fusion is the process of merging atoms together to create energy. Fusion is also used as an adjective.

What is fusion with example?

The definition of fusion is the act of melting or blending two or more separate things into one. An example of fusion is creating a dinner that combines Indian and Japanese elements.

What does fusion mean in science terms?

Fusion occurs when two light atoms bond together, or fuse, to make a heavier one. … Fusion is the dominant source of energy for stars in the universe. It is also a potential energy source on Earth. When set off in an intentionally uncontrolled chain reaction, it drives the hydrogen bomb.

What does being fused mean?

If something’s fused, it’s connected or joined to something else. Fused wires have been soldered together, and fused families are connected through love, marriage, or children. When two things are fused, they become one fused whole — permanently attached and combined.

What is fusion in the sun?

In the core of the Sun hydrogen is being converted into helium. This is called nuclear fusion. It takes four hydrogen atoms to fuse into each helium atom. During the process some of the mass is converted into energy.

What is a real life example of fusion?

The sun is one of the best examples of nuclear fusion. Inside the sun, hydrogen nuclei fuse together to form helium, creating heat energy that warms the Earth.

What is a fuse kid definition?

A fuse is a device that shuts off the power to an electrical circuit when too much electric current flows through it. This usually happens when too many appliances are plugged in or when there is a short circuit.

What is fuse and its uses?

In electrical and electronics, a fuse is defined as an electrical safety device that provides over-current protection to the functional electrical circuit. The major uses of fuse are: It prevents short circuits. It acts as a barrier between the human body and electric current. It prevents overload and blackouts.

What does short fuse mean?

Definition of short fuse

: a tendency to get angry easily : a quick temper … was seen as the bad guy, the one whose short fuse was scary, destructive and uncontrollable.— Rick Telander.

What is the meaning of male plug?

Definitions of male plug. an electrical device with two or three pins that is inserted in a socket to make an electrical connection. synonyms: plug.

Do fuses have a full name?

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR 11 KV DROP OUT (D.O.) FUSE with Polymeric Insulators: (1) SCOPE: This specification covers outdoor, open, drop out expulsion type fuse cut outs suitable for installation in 50Hz, 11KV distribution system for protection of H.T.

How does a Rccb work?

RCCB works on the principle of Kirchhoff’s law, which states that the incoming current must be equal to the outgoing current in a circuit. RCCB thus compares the difference in current values between live and neutral wires. … When the test button is pushed, the current starts to flow through the test circuit.

What is a female socket?

A female connector is also known as a jack, outlet, or receptacle. … The most common female connector is a two- or three-prong electrical outlet, also known as a wall outlet.

What is female port?

A female connector type or female port is a connector or port with holes instead of pins. In the picture, the power cord connector (at left) is a female connector, and the wall socket connection (at right) is a “male” connector.

What is a female adapter used for?

A female connector is a connector used for electrical, physical or data transfer. A female connector has one or more holes into which a male connector can attach its exposed plug-type conductor firmly for a reliable connection. Female connectors are recognized by their physical characteristics.

How do you use a male plug?

Locate the mains electricity supply and raise the cover on the individual outlet and insert the blue, male plug. Push it or turn it clockwise until it locks securely. It consists of a female receptacle and a male plug.

What is male to female wire?

A male connector is commonly referred to as a plug and has a solid pin for a center conductor. A female connector is commonly referred to as a jack and has a center conductor with a hole in it to accept the male pin.

How can you tell a male from a female connector?

The difference between Male and Female connectors is simple. Just like people the Male has a sticking out “pin” which he plugs into something. The Females on the other hand have a “hole” in which to receive something, usually a “pin”!

Why are connectors male and female?

For electronics components, gender is used to distinguish “mating connectors.” Mating interconnects match together in size, configuration and number of pins. In case you didn’t know, a “male” connector usually has a pin or pins “sticking out” and the “female” connector is designed to receive those pins.

Why are cords called male and female?

The names male and female are given to connectors by analogy with the male and female sexual organs of most mammals, in which the male part is inserted into the female.