Who is the most liked character in Attack on Titan?

1. Eren Jaeger. I’ve thought of Eren’s arc thus far as one of my favorites of any protagonist in anime. Eren has been through the wringer of trauma, from losing his mother before his very eyes to becoming the thing he once feared.

What race is everyone in Attack on Titan?

To make it succinct and clear: It appears that the vast majority of characters are descendants of Germans or similar races, and that they speak Japanese simply because that’s the language in which the writer/creator spoke and wished to market it.

Are AOT characters white?

Attack on Titan is set in a Germanic-like society where the characters are predominantly white. This was what the author, Hajime Isayama, envisioned for the story of his choice. The same applies to the titans.

Is Levi white?

While Levi does look a bit Asian and Kuchel (his mom) does resemble Mikasa’s mother, it is Mr. Ackerman (Mikasa’s father) who carries the Ackerman genes. Mikasa is both an Ackerman (her father’s side) and Asian (her mother’s side). Levi is an Ackerman (his mother’s side), but as far as we know is not Asian.

Is Levi White AOT?

Because almost every character in Attack on Titan is white. Levi Ackermann is a German name, just like most names for other Attack on Titan characters. Some of the OST’s for Attack on Titan have German names as well, ex: Vogel im Kafig (translates to bird in a cage).

How tall is Levi Ackerman?

Attack On Titan Statistics Chart
Character Age Height
Levi Ackerman 30-33 5’3″ / 160cm
Erwin Smith 35-39¹ 6’2″ / 188cm
Reiner Braun 17 6’1″ / 185cm
Bertolt Hoover 17 6’4″ / 192cm
Jan 10, 2022

Are Ackermans Titans?

Ackermans ARE Eldians. They were a result from an experiment with Titan science thus they can’t transform because they already gain some sort of strength from the Titans.

Is Levi French?

Noble surnames, such as Levi, evoke images of the ancient homeland of the French people. … The Levi family originally derived its surname from the name of the place in Levy Saint Nom in île-de-France.

Did Levi lose a leg?

Seeing that the Female Titan is now helpless, Mikasa disobeys Levi’s orders and attempts to eliminate the person inside the Titan. However, the Female Titan swings her hardened fist at Mikasa, and Levi is forced to pull Mikasa out of the way. While doing this, Levi injures his left leg.

Who does Levi Love?

1 SHOULD: Erwin Smith

While there are many characters that he respects, Erwin Smith is perhaps the only character that Captain Levi has truly loved, which puts Erwin at the very top of the list. Levi’s loyalty and devotion to Erwin also indicate that the two were meant to be together.

Who does Levi marry?

Petra and Levi have never even been engaged, for the simple reason that there is no love between them. Nothing in the various profiles of the official documents speaks about it and if both had been engaged, it is the kind of thing which would appear in first place in their background.

Did Levi go blind?

Period. A bonus: Hange lost her left eye and Levi lost his right eye. Selfless and intrepid, they are the last two veterans who literally carried the whole Survey Corps forward.

Did Levi lose an eye?

After the explosion of Thunder Spear some of its sharpnel whent directly to Levi’s right eye, that’s how Levi lost one of his eye or right eye. Luckily Hanji Zoe was there for Levi Ackerman.

Is Levi Ackerman blind?

Levi has lost his sight since he was a child, yet his will to live never died, but a man will come into his life and his heart making his world upside down.

How did Levi get a scar?

He took some serious damage when Zeke exploded the Thunder Spear lodged within him, and it left a giant scar on his face. As you can see above, a fan on Twitter has compiled sketches imagining how Levi’s marred face could look in the anime.

Is Levi in a wheelchair?

His injuries leave him permanently wheelchair-bound and he is attended to by Gabi and Falco.” You can change it for example to “Three years later, we see Levi in a wheelchair (possibly due to severe injuries), with Falco helping him and Gabi, and Onyankopon walking in front of them.”

Is Levi a bottom?

It’s hard to believe but Levi isn’t actually a dom. It is a confirmed fact by Isayama, the writer of the snK manga, that Levi is always the submissive one. Some other fun facts on Levi is that he is also a virgin despite his age, and the most sexually frustrated person in snK and AoT.

Who is Levi’s girlfriend AOT?

Petra Ral (ペトラ・ラル Petora Raru?) was an Eldian who served as a hand-picked soldier of the Survey Corps by Levi Ackerman placed in the Special Operations Squad.

Does Zeke Yeager have a son?

Zeke was the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, the older half-brother of Eren Yeager, and a member of the royal family from his mother’s side.

Beast Titans
Tom Ksaver (829-842) Zeke Yeager (842-854) Unknown (854)