Which cellular process results in the most ATP production?

Explanation: The electron transport chain generates the most ATP out of all three major phases of cellular respiration. Glycolysis produces a net of 2 ATP per molecule of glucose.

What processes result in the production of ATP?

The three processes of ATP production include glycolysis, the tricarboxylic acid cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation. In eukaryotic cells the latter two processes occur within mitochondria.

What generates ATP in a cell?

The majority of ATP in aerobic, eukaryotic cells is produced by the mitochondria.

Which process generates the greatest amount of energy?

aerobic respiration
The process of aerobic respiration produces a massive amount of energy. This process tends to produce approximately 38 ATP molecules.

Which process results in the highest net production of ATP quizlet?

Most of the ATP produced in cellular respiration comes from an oxidative phosphorylation, in which the energy released from redox reactions in an electron transport chain is used to produce ATP.

What is the ATP ADP cycle?

ATP has three phosphate groups, but the bond holding the third phosphate groups is very easily broken. A phosphate is released into the cytoplasm and energy is released.
Contains 3 phosphate groups (triphosphate) Contains 2 phosphate groups (diphosphate)

Which of the following is the source of the greatest amount of ATP?

(b) ATP produced by aerobic respiration provides the greatest amount of ATP for contraction.

Which process produces the most ATP aerobic or anaerobic?

  • Aerobic respiration produces much more ATP than anaerobic respiration.
  • Anaerobic respiration occurs more quickly than aerobic respiration.

Which of the following processes converts glucose into ATP?

Cellular respiration
Overview. Cellular respiration is the process of extracting energy in the form of ATP from the glucose in the food you eat. Oxygen and glucose are both reactants of cellular respiration. When one molecule of glucose is broken down, it can be converted to a net total of 36 or 38 molecules of ATP.

Which phase of cellular respiration generates the greatest amount of ATP energy?

The Krebs cycle takes place inside the mitochondria. The Krebs cycle produces the CO2 that you breath out. This stage produces most of the energy ( 34 ATP molecules, compared to only 2 ATP for glycolysis and 2 ATP for Krebs cycle).

Which stage of cellular respiration produces the most ATP quizlet?

Which step in cellular respiration produces the most ATP? The electron transport chain.

How much ATP is produced in each step of cellular respiration?

How much ATP is produced in all three stages combined? Glycolysis produces 2 ATP molecules, and the Krebs cycle produces 2 more. Electron transport from the molecules of NADH and FADH2 made from glycolysis, the transformation of pyruvate, and the Krebs cycle creates as many as 32 more ATP molecules.