Which Godfather movie is considered the best?

If The Godfather is the greatest film ever made,then The Godfather Part II is the greatest sequel ever made. It is Francis Ford Coppola’s continuation of Mario Puzo’s Mafia saga set new standards for sequels that have yet to be matched or broken until present.

Is Godfather 1 or 2 better?

The Godfather is far easier to follow than The Godfather Part II. However, that’s not to say that the story of Part II is bad. In fact, its story is arguably even better than its predecessor’s. The plot of Part II is far more intricate and complex, offering up the dual subplots of Vito’s rise and Michael’s fall.

Is Godfather III worth watching?

The Godfather Part III is worth watching, as long as you think of it as what its original title was: “The Death of Michael Corleone” .

Is Godfather 3 really that bad?

While easily the weakest chapter The Godfather Part III is by no means a terrible movie, but it does have notable faults. … Many articles accused the director of nepotism during the movie’s release, though Sofia Coppola was a last-minute replacement for Winona Ryder, who dropped out just before filming.

Why Godfather 2 is the best?

“The Godfather” romanticized the life of organized crime by telling the story as a family drama while “The Godfather: Part II”, released in 1974, gives an unflinching look at the dark side of power and vice, giving the sequel a more realistic portrayal of the Mafia, and making the second movie the superior film in the …

Is Godfather the greatest movie of all time?

At the 45th Academy Awards, the film won Best Picture, Best Actor (Brando), and Best Adapted Screenplay (for Puzo and Coppola). … Since its release, The Godfather has been widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential films ever made, especially in the gangster genre.

Why is godfather 3 hated?

It’s not a terrible film, but it (1) pales in comparison to its predecessors, both of which are among the most celebrated films of all time, (2) the acting (in particular, Sofia Coppola) is not as good, and (3) the story doesn’t work well by itself and is tough to understand unless you’re well-versed in The Godfather’s …

Are the Godfather movies overrated?

Yes, it is the most overrated movie of all time. Whenever the question is asked, people jump to defend it. However, none of them ever answer the criticisms leveled at the movie. All they do is call names and insult the people who don’t like it because they have a different opinion.

Is there a Godfather 4?

After Puzo died in 1999, Coppola put his plan for “The Godfather Part IV” to rest as he refused to develop another film without the involvement of the author. … Paramount is releasing Coppola’s “The Godfather Coda” in theaters December 4, followed by a VOD launch later in December.

Is Nicolas Cage in The Godfather 3?

Nicolas Cage “embarrassed” he asked uncle Francis Ford Coppola for role in ‘The Godfather: Part III’ Nicolas Cage has revealed that he asked his uncle, director Francis Ford Coppola, for a role in The Godfather: Part III but was rejected.

Why is godfather called Coda?

For a new theatrical and home-video release this month, Coppola has rechristened the film as “Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone.” The new name pays tribute to Puzo, his “Godfather” co-screenwriter and author of the original novel, and includes the title they originally intended for the …

Is Vincent Sonny’s son?

Vincent is the illegitimate son of Sonny Corleone and his mistress Lucy Mancini. He eventually succeeds his uncle Michael as head of the Corleone family.

How many godfathers are there?

The Godfather/Movies

How much is Al Pacino?

Al Pacino net worth and salary: Al Pacino is an American Actor of both stage and screen who has a net worth of $120 million.

Al Pacino Net Worth.
Net Worth: $120 Million
Profession: Actor, Film director, Film Producer, Theatre Director
Nationality: United States of America

Why did Michael marry Kay?

Michael wanted to control them for what he needed. So he needed Kay; he had feelings for her, and he figured it would be a good thing all around. Despite his appreciation for her cultural differences, he assumed she would act like a good Sicilian woman with enough exposure to his family culture.

What is the meaning of Corleone?

Corleone (Italian: [korleˈoːne]; Sicilian: Cunigghiuni [kʊnɪɟˈɟuːnɪ] or Curliuni [kʊɾlɪˈuːnɪ]) is an Italian town and comune of roughly 11,158 inhabitants in the Metropolitan City of Palermo, in Sicily.

Who killed Santino Corleone?

At the Long Beach Causeway toll plaza, Barzini’s men trap Sonny and shoot him. During a meeting with the other crime family Dons to establish peace, Vito realizes that Barzini masterminded Sonny’s murder.

Who killed Apollonia Godfather?

When she started the car to drive towards him, she unknowingly ignited a bomb planted in the car, intended for Michael, the subsequent explosion killed her instantly. The attack was orchestrated by Michael’s trusted bodyguard, Fabrizio, who was paid off by the Barzini family from New York.

Did Michael Only Love Apollonia?

Michael wasn’t in love with Apollonia–he was in love at her. Michael and Kay, however, were in love with each other.

How many wives did Michael Corleone have?

Michael Corleone
Spouse Apollonia Vitelli-Corleone (1947-48; deceased) Kay Adams (1951-60; divorced)
Children Anthony Corleone Mary Corleone

Who betrayed Apollonia?

The three developed a close bond of friendship until Fabrizio betrayed Michael, attempting to eliminate him in an explosion that claimed the life of Michael’s wife Apollonia. Calò continued to serve Tommasino loyally for the next four decades.

Did Kay ever know about Apollonia?

Kay never mentions Apollonia so apparently Mike was hoping to put all his Mafia memories of Sicily behind him at that point. No she didn’t. There was a conversation in the novel about if either had been with someone else.