Which model of iPhone is best?

The best iPhones you can buy right now
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max. The best iPhone you can buy. …
  • iPhone 13. The best iPhone for most people. …
  • iPhone 13 Pro. All the best features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. …
  • iPhone 13 mini. The best compact iPhone. …
  • iPhone 12 mini. Still a good compact iPhone. …
  • iPhone 12. …
  • iPhone 11. …
  • iPhone SE 2020.

Which iPhone is best value for money 2021?

The best iPhones in 2021

The iPhone 11 is our preferred budget iPhone, even over the iPhone SE (2020), because it’s larger and so much more powerful for just $100 more. The $700 iPhone 12 has a superb balance of performance, features, and design for $100 less than the iPhone 13.

Which iPhone is best value for money?

Oh, and it runs on the same processor as the Pro and Pro Max, so you shouldn’t notice any difference in performance. If you need a big screen and/or a more advanced camera, consider the more expensive models. But for the vast majority of us, the iPhone 11 is the best value iPhone from Apple’s 2019 range.

Which iPhone is best for students?

Apple iPhone XR

If you are looking for a smartphone suitable for students that also has a brand value attached to it, you should definitely buy the iPhone XR. Tough it was launched last year, this is still one of the cheapest new iPhones out there and comes with great performance and an excellent camera.

Which iPhone is best for battery life?

iPhones with the best battery life. Samsung Galaxy phones with the best battery life.

iPhones with the best battery life.
Battery life (hours:minutes)
iPhone 11 Pro Max 11:54
iPhone 11 11:16
iPhone 12 Pro Max 10:53
iPhone 13 10:33
Jan 5, 2022

Which iPhone is best in 2021?

How to choose the best iPhone in 2021: A quick guide
  • iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 is perhaps the best iPhone for most people, and there are enough reasons to back up those claims. …
  • iPhone 12 Mini. The iPhone 12 Mini is a tiny iPhone you have been wanting for so long. …
  • iPhone 12 Pro. …
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max. …
  • iPhone 11.

Which iPhone has the best battery life 2021?

iPhone 13 Pro Max
All the latest iPhones ranked for battery life
Rank Model Battery life (Hours)
1 iPhone 13 Pro Max 9hrs 52mins
2 iPhone 11 pro Max 8hrs 29mins
3 iPhone 13 Pro 8hr 17Mins
4 iPhone 13 7hr 45mins
Nov 2, 2020

What is the least popular iPhone?

The iPhone 12 mini has flopped.

What is the strongest phone in the world?

Sonim XP3300 Force
The Sonim XP3300 Force is officially the ‘World’s Toughest Phone’ – securing its entry into the Guinness World Records™ hall of fame. The ultra-rugged phone survived an extreme drop test from a remarkable 25 metres onto concrete without operational damage – a drop higher than a ten-story building.

Which is the bad phone in the world?

Nokia 5.4.

This phone has a price of ₹14,000 in India. But the specs it has are the worst. Specs: Simple LCD panel, 4000mah battery, 10w charger, SDM 662, and 48mp main camera. These specs are really bad, you can buy any other far better smartphone than This phone.

What is the fastest phone?

Rank Device Performance
1 Motorola Edge X30 9990
2 Vivo iQOO 9 9767
3 Vivo iQOO 9 Pro 9743
4 Realme GT2 Pro 9658
4 days ago

Is Apple better than Samsung?

Gartner’s recently published report revealed that Apple is now the worldwide leader in smartphone shipments, passing Samsung for the first time in five years. … In Q4 2019, Apple shipped 69.5 million versus Samsung’s 70.4 million in total smartphone units. But fast forward a year, to Q4 2020, Apple did 79.9 million vs.

Why should I switch to iPhone?

Here are 7 reasons why switching from Android to iPhone is a good idea.
  • Information security. Information security companies unanimously agree that Apple devices are more secure than Android devices. …
  • The Apple ecosystem. …
  • Ease of use. …
  • Get the best apps first. …
  • Apple Pay. …
  • Family Sharing. …
  • iPhones hold their value.

Is it OK to leave my iPhone charging overnight?

Answer: A: Yes, it is absolutely find to leave your phone on charge overnight. In fact, it’s best practice. If your phone is plugged in, the screen is locked and the phone is connected to WiFi, it will back up every night (assuming you have iCloud back up enabled) and be fully charged and ready to go in the morning.