What is renewable resource Brainly?

Brainly User. Answer: A renewable resource is a resource which can be used repeatedly and replaced naturally. Renewable energy almost never runs out, for example: solar energy is powered by heat from the sun and never runs out. Examples include oxygen, fresh water, solar energy and biomass.

Which is a renewable resource?

Renewable resources include biomass energy (such as ethanol), hydropower, geothermal power, wind energy, and solar energy. … This includes wood, sewage, and ethanol (which comes from corn or other plants). Biomass can be used as a source of energy because this organic material has absorbed energy from the Sun.

What are renewable resources give example Brainly?

renewable resources are the sources which we can continuously use. for example – solar energy, wind energy and water energy as we can use them and they will not get exhausted.

Which resource is renewable quizlet?

Solar, wind, water, geothermal and biomass are renewable energy resources. They can become nonrenewable if polluted or overused.

What are renewable resources class 8?

Renewable resources are the resources that are renewed or replenish quickly in a finite period of time. For example – Wind and solar energy are not affected by the consumption of humans. However, Water is also a renewable resource but due to careless use most of the parts of the world face water shortages or drying up.

What is renewable and nonrenewable resource?

A nonrenewable resource is a natural substance that is not replenished with the speed at which it is consumed. … Renewable resources are the opposite: Their supply replenishes naturally or can be sustained. The sunlight used in solar energy and the wind used to power wind turbines replenish themselves.

What is renewable quizlet?

renewable resource. A resource that is replaced as it is used. Resources such as wood, wind, water or solar energy, that can or will be replenished quickly.

Which resource is a nonrenewable resource quizlet?

Most fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas and coal are considered nonrenewable resources in that their use is not sustainable because their formation takes billions of years.

What is renewable energy short answer?

Renewable energy is any energy we use that comes from renewable, natural sources. Renewable means that it’s naturally replenished, so can’t run out. … Sunlight, water, air and heat from the earth are all renewable sources that we can use to make solar, tidal, wind and geothermal energy.

Which is a nonrenewable resource?

Nonrenewable energy resources include coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear energy. Once these resources are used up, they cannot be replaced, which is a major problem for humanity as we are currently dependent on them to supply most of our energy needs.

What are four examples of renewable resources quizlet?

Terms in this set (5)
  • Solar energy.
  • Wind energy.
  • Hydropower.
  • Geothermal energy.
  • Biomass energy.

What are renewable resources Biology quizlet?

Renewable resource. A renewable resource is a resource which is replaced naturally and can be used again. Examples are: oxygen, fresh water, solar energy, timber, and biomass.

What are renewable and nonrenewable resources class 8?

Renewable resources are solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, biofuels, cultivated plants, biomass, air, water and soil. In contrast, non-renewable resources are those that are available to us in limited quantities, or those that are renewed so slowly that the rate at which they are consumed is too fast.

What is biomass renewable?

Biomass is renewable organic material that comes from plants and animals. Biomass was the largest source of total annual U.S. energy consumption until the mid-1800s. Biomass continues to be an important fuel in many countries, especially for cooking and heating in developing countries.

Are minerals renewable?

Minerals, used for making metals, are also nonrenewable natural resources. … Wind, solar, and hydrogen power are renewable resources that offer hope for the future. People use both types of natural resources to produce the things they need or want.

What is renewable resource class 10?

Renewable resources are those resources that can be replenished or renewed naturally over time. Air, water, wind, solar energy etc are all renewable resources. Renewable resources can be easily renewed by nature.

What are renewable resources CBSE?

The resources which cannot be exhausted even after continuous utilization are termed as renewable resources. Examples of renewable resources are the sun, wind, and tidal energy.

What is renewable and nonrenewable resources class 10th?

Renewable Sources of Energy are those Sources of Energy which can be renewed naturally over time. Non-Renewable Sources of Energy are those sources which are available in limited quantity.. They are replaced by nature in a short period of time. They cannot be replaced by nature. They are inexhaustible.

What is renewable energy class 11th?

Renewable energy, as the name suggests is an energy which can be renewed or replenished. It is often referred to as ‘clean energy’ because it is less harmful to the environment as compared to non-renewable energy. Renewable energy is obtained from natural resources and processes that are constantly replenished.

What is renewable energy class 9?

Renewable energy is an energy that is produced from natural processes and continuously replenished. Few examples of renewable energy are sunlight, water, wind, tides, geothermal heat, and biomass.