Which of the following aqueous solutions are good buffer system?

0.18 M hydrocynaic acid + 0.16 M sodium cyanide and 0.34 M ammonia + 0.33 M ammonium nitrate are good buffer systems.

Which of the following is good buffer system?

The ideal buffer is when the amount of conjugate base is equal to the amount of the weak acid. Only Option E) a solution that is 0.10 M HCN and 0.10 M LiCN, is a good buffer system.

Is ammonia and ammonium bromide a good buffer?

This is a buffer solution. The ammonium ion (present as ammonium bromide) is a weak acid and ammonia is its conjugate base.

Is hydroiodic acid and potassium iodide a good buffer system?

What is a good buffer solution?

A good buffer generally contains relatively equal concentrations of a weak acid and its conjugate base. Many different factors must be considered in choosing a good buffer, the most important being the ionic strength and the UV absorbance at low wavelength.

What is an effective buffer?

A buffer is most effective when the amounts of acid and conjugate base are approximately equal. As a general rule of thumb, the relative amounts of acid and base should not differ by more than tenfold.