Which bone is not a facial bone?

sphenoid bone
The sphenoid bone is a cranial bone and NOT a facial bone.

Which bone is not a facial bone quizlet?

Even though the ethmoid bone articulates with the maxillary bone to form part of the medial wall of the orbit, the ethmoid bone IS NOT a facial bone. It is a cranial bone. True. ETHMOID BONE is one of eight CRANIAL BONES, not the facial bone!

What are the 7 facial bones?

Facial Bones. The viscerocranium (face) includes these bones: vomer, 2 inferior nasal conchae, 2 nasals, maxilla, mandible, palatine, 2 zygomatics, and 2 lacrimals.

What bones are in the facial?

The primary bones of the face are the mandible, maxilla, frontal bone, nasal bones, and zygoma. Facial bone anatomy is complex, yet elegant, in its suitability to serve a multitude of functions.

Is the ethmoid bone a facial bone?

The Viserocranium

The viscerocranium or facial bones supports the soft tissue of the face. The viscerocranium consists of 14 individual bones that fuse together. However, the hyoid bone, ethmoid bone, and sphenoid bones are sometimes included in the viscerocranium.

Is mastoid a facial bone?

Its rough surface gives attachment to various muscles (via tendons) and it has openings for blood vessels. From its borders, the mastoid part articulates with two other bones.
Mastoid part of the temporal bone
Latin pars mastoidea ossis temporalis
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What are the 14 facial bones called?

The names of the 14 facial bones are: inferior nasal concha (2 of them,) lacrimal bones (2), mandible, maxilla (2), nasal bones (2), palatine bones (2), vomer, and zygomatic bones, or zygoma (2).

Where are the 14 facial bones located?

The facial bones of the skull form the upper and lower jaws, the nose, nasal cavity and nasal septum, and the orbit. The facial bones include 14 bones, with six paired bones and two unpaired bones. The paired bones are the maxilla, palatine, zygomatic, nasal, lacrimal, and inferior nasal conchae bones.

Which bones are classified as facial bones there are 14 facial bones?

In the human skull, the facial skeleton consists of fourteen bones in the face:
  • Inferior turbinal (2)
  • Lacrimal bones (2)
  • Mandible.
  • Maxilla (2)
  • Nasal bones (2)
  • Palatine bones (2)
  • Vomer.
  • Zygomatic bones (2)

What are the 22 cranial and facial bones?

The skull (22 bones) is divisible into two parts: (1) the cranium, which lodges and protects the brain, consists of eight bones (Occipital, Two Parietals, Frontal, Two Temporals, Sphenoidal, Ethmoidal) and the skeleton of the face, of fourteen (Two Nasals, Two Maxillae, Two Lacrimals, Two Zygomatics, Two Palatines, Two …

Which are the 8 cranial bones?

There are eight cranial bones, each with a unique shape:
  • Frontal bone. This is the flat bone that makes up your forehead. …
  • Parietal bones. This a pair of flat bones located on either side of your head, behind the frontal bone.
  • Temporal bones. …
  • Occipital bone. …
  • Sphenoid bone. …
  • Ethmoid bone.

What are the 29 bones of the skull?

Head bones: The 29 head bones consist of 8 cranial bones, 14 facial bones, the hyoid bone, and 6 auditory (ear) bones. The 8 cranial bones are the frontal, 2 parietal, occipital, 2 temporal, sphenoid, and ethmoid bones.

What are the 28 skull bones?

Skull (28)
  • Parietal (2)
  • Temporal (2)
  • Frontal (1)
  • Occipital (1)
  • Ethmoid (1)
  • Sphenoid (1)

What are the 23 bones of the skull?

In the neurocranium these are the occipital bone, two temporal bones, two parietal bones, the sphenoid, ethmoid and frontal bones. The bones of the facial skeleton (14) are the vomer, two inferior nasal conchae, two nasal bones, two maxilla, the mandible, two palatine bones, two zygomatic bones, and two lacrimal bones.

What facial bone forms the cheekbone?

zygomatic bone
The zygomatic bone forms the bony prominence of the cheek. It also forms the lower lateral part of the orbital margin, and this part of the lateral orbital wall. The zygomatic bone extends backward to meet the zygomatic process of the temporal bone, forming the zygomatic arch.

Are there 213 bones in the human body?

There are 206 bones (some say 213 ) in the human body. Some variation exists, because humans may have different numbers of certain bones (eg, vertebrae and ribs).

Where are the 22 bones of the skull?

The skull is made up of 22 bones as well as a plethora of cartilage and ligaments. Except for the mandible, all other bones of the skull are joined together.

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Are there 207 bones in the human body?

The human skeleton of an adult consists of around 206 to 213 bones, depending on the counting of sternum (which may alternatively be included as the manubrium, body of sternum, and the xiphoid process).