How do you know which quadrant a negative angle is in?

When we think of angles, we go clockwise from the positive x axis. Thus, for negative angles, we go counterclockwise. Since each quadrant is defined by 90˚, we end up in the 3rd quadrant.

Which quadrant is which?

In the first quadrant, both x and y take positive values. In the second quadrant, x is negative and y is positive. In the third quadrant, x and y are negative, and in the fourth quadrant, x is positive and y is negative.

Quadrant – Definition with Examples.
Point Quadrant
(-5, 4) ll
(-5, -4) lll
(5, -4) lV

In which quadrant does the point (- 3 4 lie?

third quadrant
Since the third quadrant has points of the form (-x,-y) therefore our point (-3,-4) lies in the third quadrant.

What is the quadrant of 2?

The quadrants are labeled with quadrant I (Roman numeral one) being the upper right region, quadrant II (Roman numeral two) being the upper left region, quadrant III (Roman numeral three) being the lower left region, and quadrant IV (Roman numeral four) being the lower right region.

Where is the 4th quadrant?

bottom right corner
Quadrant IV: The fourth quadrant is in the bottom right corner of the plane. In this coordinate X has positive values and y has negative values.

In which quadrant does the point (- 3 2 lies?

Quadrant 3
(-3, -2) lies in Quadrant 3. (In Roman Numerals, it is Quadrant III.)

What quadrant is the point 2 5 located?

fourth quadrant
This point lies in the fourth quadrant.

In which quadrant does the point 8 4 lie?

This is in second quadrant

What quadrant is the point 2 4 lie?

IInd Quadrant