Which tool is used for a Palatoplasty?

Suspension palatoplasty was performed under general anesthesia with oral endotracheal intubation. Patients had their heads extended and an adequately size of mouth gag was used to expose the oropharynx. Surgical tool used for tissue dissection and hemostasis was plasma knife (model: cutting-4, coagulation-6).

What tool is used for Gastroduodenostomy?

In terms of blood supply and tension between the reconstructing digestive tract, hemi-double stapling technique with circular stapler is the best procedure for gastroduodenostomy.

Which tool is used for open cholecystectomy quizlet?

Equipment for open cholecystectomy includes instruments common to a major instrument tray, as follows: Kelly clamps, Kocher forceps, needle holders, scissors, clips, suctions, knife/knife handles, forceps, retractors, right-angle clamps, Kitner dissectors, and electrosurgical devices should be assembled.

When surgery is used for the removal of the gallbladder This procedure is known as quizlet?

A cholecystectomy is surgery to remove your gallbladder. The gallbladder is a small organ under your liver. It is on the upper right side of your belly or abdomen. The gallbladder stores a digestive juice called bile which is made in the liver.

Why Gastroduodenostomy is done?

Gastrojejunostomy is a surgical procedure in which an anastomosis is created between the stomach and the proximal loop of the jejunum. This is usually done either for the purpose of draining the contents of the stomach or to provide a bypass for the gastric contents.

What is a Gastroduodenostomy procedure?

A gastroduodenostomy is a surgical procedure that involves the creation of a new connection between the stomach and the duodenum, the first section of the human small intestine. This section is the smallest, but it is where chemical digestion—a step vital to the digestive and metabolic process—occurs.

Which tool is used for laparoscopic cholecystectomy?

This surgery uses a laparoscope (an instrument used to see the inside of your body) to remove the gallbladder.

What can a Cholecystography detect?

Cholecystosonography. Sonography is used to detect gallstones and evaluate the gallbladder, biliary system, and adjacent organs.

Is the ring like muscle that controls?

RING-LIKE muscle controls the flow from the stomach to the DUODENUM of the small intestine. extends from the pyloric sphincter to the first part of the large intestine.

What tools are used in laparoscopy?

The basic equipment essential for any laparoendoscopic procedure includes: endoscope, camera, light source, video monitor, insufflator, trocars and surgical instruments.

What is a Cholangiogram procedure?

An intraoperative cholangiogram is a special kind of X-ray imaging that shows those bile ducts. It’s used during surgery. With a typical X-ray, you get one picture. But a cholangiogram shows your doctor a live video of your bile ducts so they can see what’s happening in real-time.

What is a laparoscope and how is it used?

A laparoscope is a slender, lighted telescope. It allows your doctor to see inside your body. Diagnostic laparoscopy can determine whether you have conditions such as endometriosis or fibroids.

What is the trocar used for?

Trocars are used in medicine to access and drain collections of fluid such as in a patient with hydrothorax or ascites. In modern times, surgical trocars are used to perform laparoscopic surgery.

What is the difference between endoscopic and laparoscopic?

Endoscope use in surgery

Procedures such as the removal of the gallbladder, sealing and tying the fallopian tubes and the removal of small tumors from the digestive system or lungs are now commonplace. A laparoscope is a modified endoscope used for keyhole surgery (also referred to as laparoscopic surgery).

What is a 10 mm trocar?

A 10-mm camera port is inserted at the umbilicus, and a 5- or 10-mm trocar is placed in the midline about 2 cm below the xiphoid process. A 12-mm trocar is inserted in the anterior axillary line at the level of the umbilicus. This trocar is used for instrumentation and the passage of sutures, clamps, or staplers.

What is a curette used for?

thin metal tool called a curette is used to scrape (rather than vacuum out) the contents of the uterus, the procedure is called dilatation and curettage. When combined with dilatation, both evacuation and curettage can be used up to about the 16th week of pregnancy.

What is the difference between a trocar and cannula?

The diameter of cannula ranges from 3 to 30 mm; the most common size is 5 mm and 10 mm. The metal trocar has a different type of tips, i.e. pyramidal tip, eccentric tip, conical tip, or blunt tip depending on the surgeon’s experience. All the cannula have a valve mechanism at the top.

What are the different types of trocars?

The following trocar types were examined: radially expanding versus cutting (six studies; 604 participants), conical blunt-tipped versus cutting (two studies; 72 participants), radially expanding versus conical blunt-tipped (one study; 28 participants) and single-bladed versus pyramidal-bladed (one study; 28 …

What is a trocar procedure?

The trocar technique is a common technique for surgical procedures and interventional placement of tubes and drainage where instruments, tubes or drains are advanced to the target location through a fixed cannula or hollow tube namely the trocar, which acts as a portal in the process.

How do you set up a trocar?