What Vampire Diaries character are u quiz?

Each personality in the show represents a star sign. So, you could discover which Vampire Diaries character you are based on your sign’s match.

Method #1: Star Sign Match.
Character Star Sign
Stefan Salvatore Scorpion
Caroline Forbes Sagittarius
Klaus Mikaelson Capricorn
Alaric Saltzman Aquarius

What is Stefan Salvatore’s type?

He was the kind of person who tries to protect and save everyone at the same time. Stefan was also highly honorable, noble, brave, courageous, altruistic, and selfless, especially when it comes to the people he loves and cares about.

Who has more fans in TVD?

1 Nina Dobrev (23.9M Followers)

Who is Sybil in TVD?

Nathalie Kelley
Nathalie Kelley made sure she brushed up on her Greek mythology before auditioning for the role of Sybil, the mind-controlling siren and Big Bad for The Vampire Diaries’ final season.

What personality type is Blair Waldorf?

ENTJ: Blair Waldorf

ENTJs are known for being extroverted, natural-born leaders.

What personality type is eleven?

Eleven is an ISFP personality type. She is sensual and creative, often thinking outside the box, particularly when it comes to creative pursuits. As an ISFP, she has deeply-held values which guide her decisions in life.

What MBTI is Bonnie Bennett?

INFJ: Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie is an INFJ. She has a mystical air about her, which is no surprise given she’s a witch! She is continually looking out for other people and is creative when it comes to problem solving, always executing her plans in a considered way.

Who was the richest family on Gossip Girl?

The Bass Family
The Bass Family is the richest family on the show, as they are billionaires. They live on the Upper East Side. The members include Bart, Chuck, and Jack Bass. It also eventually includes Bart’s widowed wife Lily van der Woodsen, Chuck’s wife, Blair Waldorf, and his son, Henry Bass.

Is Blair Waldorf insecure?

Blair started out the show framed as the single most despicable girl out of the bunch. She was ruthless, cruel and underhanded. She is also established quickly as deeply insecure, especially regarding her best friend and on-and-off rival, Serena van der Woodsen.

Is Blair Waldorf a ENTJ?

Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

Blair Waldorf is an ENTJ. She is the ultimate strategist who knows how people work and manipulates them or uses them to get what she wants. That doesn’t mean Blair doesn’t have emotions, she just bases her feelings and decisions on logic.

Who is richer Serena or Blair?

Technically speaking, Blair is a tad wealthier than Serena, thanks to her family’s incredible connections, but Serena’s inheritance from her father’s side (which is substantially the larger portion of her trust fund) was never fully explored, neither was she shown to be particularly close to her father.

Who is Blair Waldorf based on?

Olivia Palermo
Blair Waldorf Is Real-Life Olivia Palermo.

How is Lily Bass so rich?

Lillian Celia “Lily” van der Woodsen (née Rhodes)

Sources of wealth: Rhodes family fortune, Bass Industries majority share plus her own personal wealth from marriages to billionaires, among them Dr. William van der Woodsen and Bartholomew “Bart” Bass.

Is Georgina Sparks rich?

Background. Georgina grew up on the Upper East Side along with Serena, Chuck, Nate, and Blair Waldorf. Her family is also wealthy and she attended Constance Billard School for Girls briefly. She eventually left school to tour the equestrian circuit, but she sold her pony for cocaine.

What was Bart Bass net worth?

Chuck Bass, the brooding, manipulative heir to deceased New York real estate legend Bart Bass, makes his Fictional 15 debut this year with an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion.

Is Kelly Rutherford rich?

Kelly Rutherford net worth: Kelly Rutherford is an American actress who has a net worth of $1 million. Kelly Rutherford was born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.