How many badges are there in Paper Mario?

80 Badges
There are a total of 80 Badges in Paper Mario — but 11 of them are duplicates.

How many partners can you obtain in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?

Mario has a total of eight partners in Paper Mario and seven in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Do badges stack in Paper Mario?

Additional badges stack multiplicatively, e.g. 3 badges gives Mario a (0.9)^3 = 0.729 chance of being hit, or 27.1% evasion rate. Lucky Day (7 BP) – Makes enemies miss Mario 25% of the time; again, additional badges stack multiplicatively.

Where is the badge shop in Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door?

The Lovely Howz of Badges is a badge shop found in Rogueport in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. This shop is located in the town’s main square, near the inn.

Is Watt male or female?

Watt is a female baby Li’l Sparky and Mario’s sixth party member in Paper Mario. Although Watt’s age is unconfirmed, it would appear that she is a young child because of her pacifier. Her Super Paper Mario Catch Card description also implies that she is young.

How do you get TTYD ultra rank?

Mario must obtain the Ultra Stone to upgrade a partner to Ultra Rank, and a partner must already have been upgraded to Super Rank to upgrade to Ultra Rank. Upgrade methods are the same as upgrading a partner to Super Rank.

Where is Larson in Paper Mario?

Rogueport Square
Larson is first found in the back area to the left of Merlon’s house, and he will flee to the docks, then to the back alley in Rogueport Square. He will give in after the third attempt, and Goomther will subsequently reward Mario with twenty coins.

How do I sell TTYD badges?

By talking to the shopkeeper, Mario can sell badges.

How do I get to the lovely howz badges?

The Lovely Howz of Badges is a shop located in Rogueport in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It’s accessible only through the door on the top floor of the inn. Ms. Mowz owns the badge shop.

Do you have to pay Ishnail?

Ishnail’s base of operations can be found on the east side of Rogueport. Under his influence, the east side is far less secure than the West. … It is possible to avoid paying Ishnail if the player knows these instructions.

Where is Don Pianta’s daughter?

After Francesca elopes with Frankie, Don Pianta sends Mario to find and bring them back in exchange for the Blimp Ticket to Glitzville. The pair can be found at Rogueport’s harbor waiting to board a ship.

How do I get to Koopook?

In order to find Koopook, the player must direct Mario and partners to the leftmost end of the last bridged room before Hooktail Castle begins leading to its tallest tower and jump off, landing on a barred platform where Koopook awaits. Once found, Koopook will reward Mario.

Can you beat Gus Paper Mario?

Mario is required to pay Gus each time he passes through the area unless he says “I can take you!” If Gus is defeated in the ensuing battle, Mario is no longer required to pay the toll, as Gus returns to the Robbos’ hideout (behind Admiral Bobbery’s house), where he and Garf guard Ishnail for the remainder of the game.

Where is Don Pianta?

History. Don Pianta is first seen in his office at the west side of Rogueport.

What color is your mustache Paper Mario?

The question is “what is your favorite color”, and the correct answer is “yellow“. Before asking this however, she asks Mario “what color is your mustache?”; no matter what Mario answers, Peeka realises that was not the right question, and asks the right one.