What district am I in Texas Hunger Games?

District 10
According to the map of Panem featured in The Hunger Games Adventures, District 10 is located in the far southwest of the continent, roughly corresponding to Texas, New Mexico and Nevada, with some territory in northern Mexico itself.

What was District 13 Hunger Games?

District 13 played a valuable role in securing freedom for the entire nation throughout the Second Rebellion, through its roles as a weapons supplier and communications center. The district also provided air support to the rebels, most notably in the Bombing of the Nut (District 2) and the Bombing of the Capitol.

Where is District 7 located in The Hunger Games?

According to The Hunger Games Adventures, District 7 is located directly northeast of District 4, on the northwestern coast of Panem.

What is District 2 in The Hunger Games?

District 2 is in charge of stone cutting, supplying Peacekeepers, and weapons manufacturing. It is also a center of training for the Capitol’s army of Peacekeepers. District 2 is a large district in the mountains, not far from the Capitol itself.

Is there a District 14 in The Hunger Games?

District 14 is one of the 16 Districts of Panem ruled over by the Capitol. Its location is set in Hawaii. This District provides Panem with muttation development. This District provides the Capitol with their muttations.

What is District 5 in The Hunger Games?

District 5 is one of the thirteen districts of Panem. Its main industry is power and electricity, and the district is responsible for generating the power of the entire nation.

Where is District 12 in The Hunger Games map?

District 12 is located approximately in the northern Appalachian mountain region in the former Eastern United States. With a population of approximately 8,000, the district is impoverished with many locals forced to hunt for their food, make their own clothes, and live on scraps from the Capitol.

What is District 6 known for in the Hunger Games?

District 6 is one of the 13 districts of Panem, whose principal industry is transportation.

Where is District 4 located in The Hunger Games?

west coast of Panem
According to The Hunger Games Adventures, District 4 is located on the west coast of Panem, just to the southeast of District 7. In one or two maps seen in the movies District 4 is also located on the west coast of Panem.

Is there a District 16 in The Hunger Games?

Panem is composed of 16 Districts, along with the governing state known as the Capitol. Each District is responsible for a specific industry.

What district is Brgy culiat?

District 6
Barangay Alternate Name
Baesa Project 8
Balong Bato Balintawak
Culiat Tandang Sora

What is District 11 known for in the Hunger Games?

District 11 is one of the thirteen districts of Panem. Its main industry is agriculture, and the land is covered with orchards, fields, and herds of dairy cattle. … Despite their near-starvation, if any citizen of District 11 is caught eating any of the crops, they are whipped in public.

Who was from District 8 in The Hunger Games?

Katniss Everdeen remembering Cecelia. Cecelia was the District 8 female tribute who participated in the 75th Hunger Games.

What district is talipapa?

Novaliches District
District 6
Barangay Alternate Name
Sangandaan Project 8
Sauyo Novaliches District
Talipapa Novaliches District

What district is Brgy Laging Handa?

District 4
Category:Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City, District 4.

What district is Barangay talipapa?

District 6
Category:Barangay Talipapa, Novaliches, District 6, Quezon City.

What district is Batasan Hills Quezon City?

2nd District
Batasan Hills
Region National Capital Region
City Quezon City
District 2nd District
Established February 25, 1983

What district is Payatas Quezon City?

2nd district
Payatas is a barangay located in the 2nd district of Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

What district is Barangay Sangandaan?

Category:Barangay Sangandaan, Project 8, District 6, Quezon City.

How many district are there in Quezon City?

four political
Quezon City is composed of four political districts.

What district is Quezon City belong?

Quezon City, NCR, Second District.