What JoJo do you start with?

If you’re interested in watching Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, it’s probably best to start at the beginning, with Part 1: Phantom Blood. This arc takes you back to the late 1800s, where the Joestar family legacy begins.

Is JoJo the best Jo?

The main protagonist of Battle Tendency is Joseph Joestar. Joseph Joestar is one of the few characters who have appeared in several parts. He was a part of Stardust Crusaders as well as Diamond is Unbreakable. To many people, Joseph is the best JoJo and there are plenty of good reasons for it.

Are all JoJo parts connected?

No, you do not have to watch the whole series to understand it, since every part is still its own story. Recurring characters are always re-introduced in a way that befits their role in the new part. That being said, skipping parts does not give you the full experience.

Why is Dio bad?


Dio is the definition of pure evil. Throughout his life, Dio only harmed people. In part 1, he simply ate humans for the sake of increasing his own powers. He tried to eliminate his adoptive father, George Joestar, who was always kind to him.

How old is Giorno from JoJo?

Giorno Giovanna
Series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Age 15
Birthday April 16, 1985
Sex Male

How do you do Wryyy pose?

If you’d like to go for the unleashed fury of Dio, then the WRYYYYYY pose is a good choice: place your legs at a wide, shoulder length or more distance, bend deeply, lean your chest back, open your arms away from your body and let your vampiric fury cry fly!

Why do JoJo characters dress weird?

Suffice it to say that many of the outfits the characters wear were influenced by musical artists, movies, manga and anime, and real world fashion. … Beyond just looking really cool, the fashion in Jojo is used as a way to showcase character development and personality and steer the story.

Who is the youngest JoJo?

Giorno Giovanna takes the lead as Part 5’s JoJo and despite being the youngest JoJo to date, his adventure is filled with excitement and grief. Confirmed by Kensho Ono (Giorno Giovanna’s Japanese voice actor) during the Joestar Radio event, the production team of Part 5 kept to the one-week timeline set by the manga.