Which type of muscle tissue is multinucleated quizlet?

skeletal muscle: multinucleated!!!!

Which type of muscle tissue has multinucleated myotubes?

Skeletal (or striated) muscle consists of muscle fibers, which are long, cylindrical multinucleated cells with diameters of 10-100 μm. During embryonic muscle development, mesenchymal myoblasts (L. myo, muscle) fuse, forming myotubes with many nuclei.

Which muscle causes multinucleated structure?

Skeletal muscle fibers
Skeletal muscle fibers are the only muscle cells that are multinucleated with the nuclei usually referred to as myonuclei. This occurs during myogenesis with the fusion of myoblasts each contributing a nucleus to the newly formed muscle cell or myotube.

Which muscle is multinucleated and unbranched?

Skeletal muscle
Skeletal muscle is voluntary and responds to conscious stimuli. The cells are striated and multinucleated appearing as long, unbranched cylinders.

Is the cardiac muscle multinucleated or Uninucleate?

Cardiac muscle : Cardiac muscle is a type of involuntary mononucleated, or uninucleated, striated muscle found exclusivly within the heart.

What is multinucleated cell?

Multinucleate cells (multinucleated or polynuclear cells) are eukaryotic cells that have more than one nucleus per cell, i.e., multiple nuclei share one common cytoplasm. … For example, slime molds have a vegetative, multinucleate life stage called a plasmodium.

Are smooth muscle multinucleated or Uninucleate?

Smooth muscles are uninucleated and striated. It is composed of small spindle- shaped cells with a single, central nucleus. They have unbranched cells that are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. The function of smooth muscle is to contract like any muscle tissue.

Which muscular tissue cells are long cylindrical unbranched and multinucleate?

Striated muscles have dark and light bands of striations on them and are also called skeletal muscles which aids us in voluntary movements. They are multi nucleated, cylindrical, unbranched and long.

Which of the following are cardiac muscles a unbranched and multinucleated B Uninucleate Unstriated C branched and unbranched D none of these?

Striated muscles are cylindrical, unbranched, multinucleate and voluntary. Cardiac muscle cells are cylindrical, branched, uninucleate and involuntary. Smooth muscles are spindle-shaped, uninucleate, unbranched and involuntary. Therefore, option C is correct.

What is multinucleated and Uninucleate?

Uninucleate means having single nucleus and multinucleate means having more than one nucleus.

Are striated muscles multinucleated?

The striated muscles also called skeletal muscles are the multinucleated, voluntary muscles where the striations are present. Their main function is to attach the muscles to the bone with the help of tendons. Tendons at the specialized files that are made of bundles of collagen fibers.

Are all muscle types multinucleated?

Explanation: The only type of muscle tissue that can be controlled voluntarily is skeletal muscle tissue. Both skeletal and cardiac muscle tissue have the sarcomere as the functional unit, and only skeletal muscle has multinucleated cells.

Are skeletal muscle cells Mononucleated or multinucleated?

Smooth muscle cell contraction is slow and depends on the autonomic nervous system. Cardiac muscle cells are mononucleate striated cells, with fast, rhythmic, spontaneous contractions. Skeletal muscle fibers are multinucleate cells at the origin of voluntary movements.

Which muscle cells are spindle shaped and Uninucleate?

Hint:The spindle-shaped, uninucleate, unbranched and involuntary cells are characteristic features of smooth muscle.

What is a Uninucleate?

Definition of uninucleate

: having a single nucleus a uninucleate yeast cell.

What is a myoblast?

Definition of myoblast

: an undifferentiated cell capable of giving rise to muscle cells.

What causes multinucleated cells?

Multinucleated giant cells (MNGCs) are a special class of giant cell formed by the fusion of monocytes/macrophages abundantly found in human tissues.

How could multinucleated cells be explained?

Certain cell types normally have several nuclei per cell. How could such multinucleated cells be explained? The cell underwent repeated mitosis, but cytokinesis did not occur. … The unlettered circle at the top of the figure shows a diploid nucleus with four chromosomes that have not yet replicated.

Is a myoblast a stem cell?

Skeletal myoblasts were one of the first generation stem cell therapies to be studied, and the first to be utilized in a dog model of cardiac injury (Marelli et al., 1992).

What do myoblast cells do?

A myoblast is a type of embryonic progenitor cell that differentiates to form muscle cells. Skeletal muscle fibers are made when myoblasts fuse together, so muscle fibers have multiple nuclei.

Who is Myologist?


(mī-ŏl′ə-jē) The scientific study of muscles. my′o·log′ic (mī′ə-lŏj′ĭk) adj. my·ol′o·gist n.