Which statement describes a benefit of desalination technology?

Desalination not only removes salt, it also removes harmful metals, chemicals, and bacteria that could be in your water source. It removes bacteria by physically excluding them through the use of chemical processes.

What is desalination quizlet?

desalination. a method of removing salts from sea water or from brines withdrawn from groundwater wells to produce freshwater.

Which of the following sources of pollution would be the most difficult to track and regulate quizlet?

Nonpoint source pollution is difficult to regulate, because its source is difficult to track. Fertilizer in ponds or streams would most likely be considered point source pollution.

What is disadvantage of desalination quizlet?

What is one disadvantage of desalination? It’s very expensive because of the energy and equipment that it requires.

What is true about selective permeation quizlet?

Ability of the cell membrane to allow certain substances to pass through while keeping others out.

What conditions explain why desalination is increasingly used quizlet?

The primary reasons are the instable prices of crude oil (affects energy costs), currency fluctuations, and increases in membrane prices.”

Which is one disadvantage of desalination?

Desalination is not a perfected technology, and desalinated water can be harmful to human health as well. By-products of the chemicals used in desalination can get through into the “pure” water and endanger the people who drink it. Desalinated water can also be acidic to both pipes and digestive systems.

What is a disadvantage of desalination using the distillation method quizlet?

What is a disadvantage of desalination using the distillation method? It is more energy intensive than other methods.

What is a disadvantage of desalination using the distillation method *?

What is a disadvantage of desalination using the distillation method? It produces more brine than the reverse osmosis process.

What are the positives and negatives of desalination?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Desalination Plants
  • Advantage: Provides Accessible Drinking Water. …
  • Disadvantage: High Costs to Build and Operate. …
  • Advantage: Quality and Habitat Protection. …
  • Disadvantage: Environmental Impact.

What are the 3 cons to desalination?

List of Cons of Desalination
  • Its plants are expensive to build. …
  • It can be a very costly process. …
  • It requires a lot of energy to process. …
  • It contributes to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. …
  • Its resulting brine can have a dramatic environmental impact. …
  • It might risk producing contaminated water.

How effective is desalination?

The combination of the new process with batch reverse osmosis, using the same components, can lead to a second law efficiency of 60% for high recovery of seawater.

Why is desalination a good idea?

Benefits of Seawater Desalination:

Provides people with potable water (clean & fresh drinking water). Provides water to the agricultural industry. Water quality is safe (not dangerous or hazardous to any living thing). … Unlimited ocean water as source.

What are the bad things about desalination?

Cons of Desalination Plants
  • Desalination plants may contaminate groundwater supplies. …
  • The salt must go somewhere. …
  • It takes the minerals out of the water. …
  • Desalination plants create pollution. …
  • It is an energy-intensive solution. …
  • The return is minimal.

How does desalination cause pollution?

In most desalination processes, for every litre of potable water produced, about 1.5 litres of liquid polluted with chlorine and copper are created. When pumped back into the ocean, the toxic brine depletes oxygen and impacts organisms along the food chain.

Is desalination good for the environment?

What are the environmental impacts of desalination? … Desalination has the potential to increase fossil fuel dependence, increase greenhouse gas emissions, and exacerbate climate change if renewable energy sources are not used for freshwater production. Desalination surface water intakes are a huge threat to marine life.

Is desalination practical?

Desalination is currently expensive compared to most alternative sources of water, and only a very small fraction of total human use is satisfied by desalination. It is usually only economically practical for high-valued uses (such as household and industrial uses) in arid areas.

What is the best method of desalination?

There are many ways to desalinate water, but one of the most effective is membrane desalination. In this method, water is pushed through a thin membrane with tiny holes. The water flows through the pores, but the salt ions can’t, leaving only fresh water on the other side.