What strategy can reduce urban sprawl?

Preserving natural resources such as farmland, parks, open spaces and unused land is one way to reduce urban sprawl. Preserving the land keeps it as is. Thus, wildlife and animals aren’t removed from their homes and forced closer to cities and suburbs.

What are the 4 key factors that have promoted urban sprawl?

Four factors that have promoted US urban sprawl is ample land, federal guarantees of homes for world war two vets, low cost gasoline, tax laws, large residential lots and separation of residential and commercial use of land, political jurisdictions. Los of cropland, forests, wetlands, etc.

How are some people trying to prevent or slow urban sprawl?

People are using urban growth boundaries(UGB) to try to stop/slow sprawl. Smart growth uses zoning and UGBs to try to build sustainable cities. UGB positives include the protection of natural land and negatives include more population within a city and a higher ecological footprint.

What can municipalities do to reduce urban sprawl?

The integration of a variety of land-use types into the community. The preservation of open space, agricultural areas, historic structures and sites, and environmental resources that provide critical services to the area. An increase in transportation choices.

What are methods to reduce harmful effects on wildlife populations from highways and urban sprawl?

Describe TWO methods to reduce harmful effects on wildlife populations from highways and urban sprawl. 2)Encourage carpooling, create more carpool lanes and incentives. Urban sprawl often results in the loss of productive agricultural land near cities.

What is urban sprawl list five factors that have promoted urban sprawl in the United States?

Ample land, low cost gasoline, loan guarantees, zoning laws, and local governments have all contributed to urban sprawl. Urban sprawl can lead to loss of cropland, increased us of and pollution of water, increased energy waste, and more unemployment.

Why is it difficult to control urban sprawl?

Lack of Proper Laws that can Regulate Urban Planning

Such is the case with urban sprawling. Since there are no strong laws that govern the system of urbanization, it becomes a somewhat wayward and uncontrolled process that deepens the problem of urban sprawling.

What is urban sprawl quizlet?

Urban Sprawl. The rapid and often poorly planned spread of cities and suburbs out into the countryside.

How urban sprawl affects the environment?

Urban sprawl can reduce water quality by increasing the amount of surface runoff, which channels oil and other pollutants into streams and rivers. … In addition to air and water pollution, adverse environmental impacts of sprawl include deforestation and disruption of wildlife habitat.

How else can cities prevent urban sprawl and use smart growth when planning?

The principles of smart growth, which typically include elements of the New Urbanism, are provided below: An increase in housing opportunities for all. The creation of pedestrian-friendly communities. The encouragement of citizen participation in the community decision-making process.

Which of the following would be a result of urban sprawl?

Which of the following is an economic consequence of urban sprawl? Sprawl drains tax dollars from existing communities and funnels money into infrastructure for new developments.

Why are smart growth strategies difficult to implement in older cities?

Why are smart growth strategies difficult to implement in older cities? Upgrading infrastructure often costs more than new construction.

Which of the following are impacts of suburban sprawl?

Although some would argue that urban sprawl has its benefits, such as creating local economic growth, urban sprawl has many negative consequences for residents and the environment, such as higher water and air pollution, increased traffic fatalities and jams, loss of agricultural capacity, increased car dependency, …

What are two major contributors to sprawl?

What are two factors contributing to urban sprawl? Unrestricted growth, unlimited use of autos, growth of expressways.

Which of the following would be characteristic of sprawl quizlet?

Which of the following would be characteristic of sprawl? What is sprawl? The spread of low-density urban or suburban development outward from an urban center.