What race is Noah from total drama?

Noah is one of the few characters to have their ethnicity confirmed; Todd Kauffman confirmed that he is Indian-Canadian, similar to Ellody and Dave. According to Total Drama Online, Noah got his first job at age six, working as a site moderator for Kosmic Kaos after hacking into the system to make improvements to it.

What race is Justin total drama?

Justin is one of the characters to have their ethnicity confirmed; he is Hawaiian.

Who was the first total drama character?

There are 22 original contestants who competed in Total Drama Island. They are Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Katie, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Trent, and Tyler.

Who does Lindsay date in total drama?

In Total Drama World Tour, Lindsay eventually remembers who Tyler is and the two resume dating.

Is Beth’s boyfriend real?

The contestants are quite shocked to find out that he actually exists, with Heather even noting how handsome he is. In Beth’s ending, Justin is also very jealous of him and even regrets voting for Beth because of it.

Are brick and MacArthur related?

His last name, “McArthur”, could be a reference to American general, Douglas MacArthur. Brick’s favorite show, P.A.S.H, is a reference to the army sitcom, M.A.S.H.

How old is Chris Mclean?

Trivia. Chris’s birthday is November 18th, making him a Scorpio, and his birth year is 1978. This means that his full birth date is November 18th, 1978, making him 42 years old as of now. It should be noted that in Total Drama Island, Chris wasn’t as evil as in later seasons.

How old is Owen total drama?

Owen Burnham
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 30 (current age)
Hair Color: Blond

Who does Lindsay like TDI?

Continuing her inability to remember other people’s name, she calls Tyler by other names throughout the season and even confuse him with Noah at one point. Like the other girls, Lindsay is attracted to newcomer, Alejandro and spends most of the episode admiring him with Bridgette.

Who wins The Ridonculous Race?

Characters and cast
Contestants Status Finish
Emma and Kitty The Sisters 16th Eliminated 4th place
Jacques and Josee The Ice Dancers 17th Eliminated 3rd place
Brody and Geoff The Surfer Dudes Winners/Runners-Up
MacArthur and Sanders The Police Cadets

How did Chris Mclean go to jail?

He was arrested at the end of the fourth season for turning the island into a highly-contaminated toxic waste dump.

Was Chris Mclean real?

Chris Mclean is the host of Total Drama Island as well as the seasons that follow. Based on the real host of Survivor, Jeff Probst, though bears little physical resemblance to him.

How old is Carrie Total Drama?

General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: Blonde

How old is junior from Total Drama?

At the age of 13, Junior is the youngest contestant in the Total Drama franchise.

How old is Ryan Total Drama?

General Information
Age: 22
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: February 25, 1988

Are Ella and Gwen related?

Ella is the cousin of Gwen who first appears in Dissing Cousins.

Do Noah and Emma end up together?

Once the Sisters are also eliminated, Emma is reunited with Noah in the finale and watch the outcome of the Race together while gazing at each other dreamily in the final group shot.

Why did Total Drama end?

All in all, the reason why I think Total Drama ended is because the broadcasters don’t have an interest in it anymore. Seasons that got decent treatment like All Stars didn’t perform well enough. RR was basically screwed over. … As Tom McGillis said on twitter, a new season can still be ordered by Netflix!

Is Gwen emo or goth?

In conclusion- Gwen is a goth.

Is Ella in total DramaRama?

Ella appears as Gwen’s cousin in this adaptation. Like her original counterpart, she is optimistic, caring and has the ability to charm animals with her singing. Sunday Muse reprises her role as Ella in DramaRama. …

Who voiced Ella in total drama?

Sunday Muse is a Canadian actress.