Who is the cutest character in Demon Slayer?

1. Muzan Kibitsuji. The cutest waifu in the Demon Slayer universe is Muzan Kibitsuji! Well, don’t be surprised; this Michael Jackson-looking dude also turns into a woman when he feels like it.

Who is the most popular Demon Slayer character?

Four most popular Demon Slayer characters
  • Zenitsu as seen in the anime. ( …
  • Giyu as seen in the anime. ( …
  • Tanjiro as seen in the series’ anime. ( …
  • Nezuko as seen in the anime. ( …
  • A stylization of Kokushibo as he’s seen in the manga. ( …
  • Muzan as seen in the anime. ( …
  • The Hand Demon as seen in the anime. (

What Demon Slayer character are u quiz?

This quiz reveals if you are a Demon Slayer Corps or Twelve Kizuki member. Are you Tanjiro, Inosuke, Giyu or else?

Muzan Kibutsuji.
Character Age Race
Tanjiro Kamado 16-17 Human/Demon
Zenitsu Agatsuma 16 Human
Kanao Tsuyuri 16 Human
Genya Shinazugawa 16 Human

Who is the most popular girl in Demon Slayer?

2 Nezuko Kamado (8,979)

This half demon-half human girl has the abilities and emotions from both sides, which is one of her biggest USPs.

Who has the saddest death in Demon Slayer?

1. Susamaru. The first saddest death is Susamaru. What makes her death so sad was not because she presented a flashback or anything, but she died in an extraordinarily brutal death, after mentioning a certain name.

How old is yushiro?

35 years old
Yushiro is physically 35 years old, but he’s very immature.

How old is GIYU demon slayer?

Demon Slayer Statistics Chart
Character Age Birthday
Sanemi Shinazugawa 21 November 29th
Giyu Tomioka 19 (21 by episode 15) February 8th
Shinobu Kocho 18 February 24th
Tengen Uzui 23 October 31st
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How many characters are there in demon slayer?

18 playable
There is a total of 18 playable characters in Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles. However, only 12 of them can be considered completely different characters — the “Academy” fighters feel more like a character “skin” with small changes.

Is yushiro a simp?

Yushiro, like Muzan, is a simp for living. If Muzan had approached Yushiro first, Yushiro would have taken his offer.

Is Tamayo deceased?

With the demon slayers’ battle against Muzan raging on in the latest chapter of the Demon Slayer manga, Tamayo, the demon who sided with the demon slayers, ultimately gets killed by Muzan.

Why does Urokodaki wear a mask?

Before Tanjiro leaves, the elder cuts his hair and gives him a mask to ward off bad luck.