What’s the difference between Cove Haven and Paradise Stream?

They are all pretty similar. The Paradise stream property has the newest rooms on the lake as they had fire and needed to rebuild. The Cove Haven property at Lake Walempapack has most youthful and big name entertainment so prob most young customers.

What did Pocono Palace used to be called?

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts
Caesars Pocono Resorts changed its name to Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts. The decision to change the name was done for a simple reason—the original Cove Haven Resort was the name that started it all, for the region and the company over 50 years ago.

Can you smoke in Cove Haven Resort?

Are we allowed to smoke in our rooms? Please refrain from smoking cigarettes, cigars, or substances consumed in smoking devices, etc.

Do you tip at Cove Haven Resort?

About Cove Haven Resort

Resort is for couples only and guests must be 18+. Guests booked with Breakfast and Dinner inclusive MUST pay a mandatory 18% gratuity locally, at check out, since this is NOT included in the rate. There is a mandatory resort fee of $21.20 per room per night which is to be paid locally.

Why is the Poconos so popular?

The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania have long been a destination for vacationers seeking to relax. The earliest resorts opened in the early 1900s. Known for theater and skiing—and with resorts ranging from affordable to exclusive—it grew in popularity through the 1920s and ’30s.

Why is Poconos abandoned?

Many of the old Poconos resort properties started going downhill. Single-family proprietors faced the mortality of the owners. Upkeep costs exceeded revenue from declining bookings. In some instances the owners were filled with hubris and didn’t think things could change.

Does Cove Haven have a gym?

Miniature Golf, Fitness Center, Tanning Beds. Indoor pool.