Which compound is soluble?

Soluble Compounds Exceptions
Almost all salts of of Na+, K+ and NH4+
All salts of Cl-, Br- and I- Halides of Ag+, Hg2 + and Pb2+
Compounds containing F- Flourides of Mg 2+, Ca 2+, Sr 2+, Ba 2+, Pb 2+
Salts of nitrate, NO -3, Chlorate, ClO3 – perchlorate, ClO4 – acetate, CH3CO2 –

What compounds are always soluble?

The solubility chart shows the solubility of many salts. Salts of alkali metals (and ammonium), as well as those of nitrate and acetate, are always soluble. Carbonates, hydroxides, sulfates, phosphates, and heavy metal salts are often insoluble.

Which of the following compounds is soluble in water?

In the given options only NaCl is ionic compound, remaining are covalent compounds. As ionic compounds are soluble in water and covalent compounds are insoluble in water, NaCl is soluble in water.

What is solubility product give example?

For example, sugar is a solute and water is a solvent. Solubility is defined as the maximum amount of solute that can be dissolved in a solvent at equilibrium. … The solubility product constant (Ksq) describes the equilibrium between a solid and its constituent ions in a solution.

Is no3 soluble?

Nitrate/Soluble in

Is CoS soluble in water?

Cobalt(II) Sulfide Properties (Theoretical)
Compound Formula CoS
Melting Point 1,195° C
Boiling Point 1425 °C
Density 5.45 g/cm3
Solubility in H2O Insoluble

Is CAS soluble in water?

The sulfides of all metals except barium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and ammonium are insoluble in water. BaS, CaS, and MgS are sparingly soluble.

Is ClO4 soluble?

Soluble Ionic Compounds

–), acetate (CH3CO2 –), chlorate (ClO3 –), and perchlorate (ClO4 –) salts are SOLUBLE.

Is AgCl soluble?

If two solutions are mixed together it is possible that two ions could combine to form an insoluble ionic complex. A solution of silver nitrate is combined with a solution of sodium chloride. The resulting solution contains Na+, Ag+, Cl, and NO3, but AgCl is not soluble in water.

Are oxides soluble?

Oxides (O2) are usually insoluble. Exceptions include Na2O, K2O, SrO, and BaO, which are soluble, and CaO, which is slightly soluble.

Is PO4 soluble?

Phosphates (PO4 3-) and carbonates (CO3 2-) are usually insoluble. Exceptions include salts of the Na+, K+, and NH4 + ions, which are soluble by rule 1.

Is NaCl soluble or insoluble?

Table salt, or sodium chloride (NaCl), the most common ionic compound, is soluble in water (360 g/L). Recall that NaCl is a salt crystal composed not of discrete NaCl molecules, but rather of an extended array of Na+ and Cl- ions bound together in three dimensions through electrostatic interactions.

Is HG soluble?

Salts containing nitrate ion (NO3) are generally soluble. Salts containing Cl , Br , or I are generally soluble. Important exceptions to this rule are halide salts of Ag+, Pb2+, and (Hg2)2+. Thus, AgCl, PbBr2, and Hg2Cl2 are insoluble.

Is Fe soluble?

Solubility of iron and iron compounds

Elementary iron dissolves in water under normal conditions. Many iron compounds share this characteristic. Naturally occurring iron oxide, iron hydroxide, iron carbide and iron penta carbonyl are water insoluble.

Which of the following hydroxide compounds are insoluble?

Completely insoluble metal hydroxides
  • Fe(OH)2 – green.
  • Fe(OH)3 – brown.
  • Mn(OH)2 – white/pink.
  • Cr(OH)3 – green.
  • Ni(OH)2 – green.
  • Cu(OH)2 – blue.
  • Co(OH)2 – light blue.
  • Zn(OH)2 – white.

Is nano3 soluble?

Sodium nitrate is a white deliquescent solid very soluble in water.

Is Iron III hydroxide soluble?

Iron(III) oxide-hydroxide
Density 4.25 g/cm3
Solubility in water insoluble at pH 7
Solubility product (Ksp) 2.79×1039 for Fe(OH)3

Are carbonates soluble?

g) All carbonates are insoluble except those of sodium, potassium and ammonium. Magnesium carbonate is slightly soluble. Many hydrogen carbonates, such as Ca(HCO3)2 and Mg(HCO3)2, are soluble.

Is Cu soluble?

Copper was soluble at all concentrations in pH 5.5 distilled water. At higher pH values, the amount of soluble copper was a function of both pH and the total copper concentration, with a maximum of 4 mg/l soluble copper at pH 6.5 and a maximum of 1.3 mg/l soluble copper at pH 7.4.

Is Naoh soluble?

Sodium hydroxide/Soluble in