Which of the following structures contains a male gametophyte?

A pollen grain contains the male gametophyte. Pollination of the ovule begins the process of fertilization, which results in the merging of the haploid male and female gametophytes to form a diploid zygote.

What represents a male gametophyte?

Pollen grains
Pollen grains represent the highly reduced haploid male gametophyte generation in flowering plants, consisting of just two or three cells when released from the anthers. Their role is to deliver twin sperm cells to the embryo sac to undergo fusion with the egg and central cell.

Which of these is a male gametophyte quizlet?

Which of these is a male gametophyte? Pollen grains are male gametophytes. In pines, the female gametophyte contains _____, each of which contains a(n) _____.

What is the male gametophyte in angiosperms?

The male gametophyte of angiosperm is Pollen after germination. Megagametophyte is the egg which produces gametophyte and the sperm which produces gametophyte is known as the microgametophyte.

Where are the following structures present in a male gametophyte of an angiosperm?

a Germ pore is present on the pollen grains. It is the place where exine and sporopollenin is absent. The contents of the pollen grain move into the pollen tube through the germ pore. b Sporopollenin is present on the outer surface of pollen grains.

Which structure represents the male gametophyte of a conifer quizlet?

Conifer pollen grains contain male gametophytes. Double fertilization is a relatively common phenomenon. The pine tree is a gametophyte. Conifer pollen grains contain male gametophytes.

Which of the following represent the male gametophyte of a conifer?

tree, pollen. In conifers, the male gametophyte is the pollen and the female gametophyte is the megasporophyll. Both gametophytes…

Which structure of a pine is the immature male gametophyte?

e) The pollen grain is an immature male gametophyte. In the pine life cycle, meiosis occurs in: a) archegonia.

Which part of an angiosperm contains seeds quizlet?

Identify the unique characteristics of angiosperms. Angiosperms have their seeds in a “container,” fruit, a major reproductive innovation. The seeds develop from the ovules as the fruit develops from the ovary.

Which structure is found in angiosperms but not gymnosperms quizlet?

gymnosperms have seeds that are not enclosed in a protective casing, while angiosperms have flowers that produce seeds with a protective casing.

Which of the following terms is used to identify a male pine cone?

These “male cones” are properly called microsporangiate strobili, which is not an easy common usage term. Also the term “catkins” (from cat tails) which is used in the case of the angiosperms doesn’t describe them well and is not commonly used for gymnosperms.

Which part of an angiosperm contains seeds?

Flower Power

Unlike gymnosperms such as conifers and cycads, angiosperm’s seeds are found in a flower. Angiosperm eggs are fertilized and develop into a seed in an ovary that is usually in a flower. The flowers of angiosperms have male or female reproductive organs.

What is the male gametophyte in seed plants?

Pollen grains are the male gametophytes in flowering plants. Inside the pollen grain, the microspore divides to form two cells, a tube cell and a cell that will act as the sperm.

Do angiosperms have vascular tissue?

Angiosperms have vascular tissue, seeds, and flowers.

What is the structure of angiosperms?

Structure. The basic angiosperm body has three parts: roots, stems, and leaves. These primary organs constitute the vegetative (nonreproductive) plant body. Together, the stem and its attached leaves constitute the shoot.

Is angiosperm a phylum?

Vascular plants, also known as Tracheophyta, form a large group of plants which are land plants with lignified tissues for conducting water and minerals throughout the plant. They also have a specialized non-lignified tissue to conduct products of photosynthesis.


Do angiosperms have xylem and phloem?

Angiosperms are vascular plants and, therefore, do have xylem and phloem for conducting water, minerals, and products of photosynthesis throughout the…

Which structures consist the stamen male reproductive part of the plant?

A stamen consists of an anther (which produces pollen, the male reproductive cell) and a filament. female male The colorful, showy bracts are actually modified leaves. The true flowers are yellow and held in the center of the bracts in a structure called a cyathium. The blossom is really a cluster of small flowers.