What organelle is like a factory worker?

The endoplasmic reticulum
The ER can be divided into two parts: the rough ER and the smooth ER. The endoplasmic reticulum is like a factory conveyor belt.

What organelle is the delivery system?

This sorting, tagging, packaging, and distribution takes place in the Golgi apparatus (Golgi body), an organelle made up of flattened discs of membrane.

Which organelle is like a protein factory?

Ribosomes. Ribosomes are the protein factories of the cell. Composed of two subunits, they can be found floating freely in the cell’s cytoplasm or embedded within the endoplasmic reticulum.

What is the mitochondria like in a factory?

Like the local power plant that provides power to most parts of the factory, mitochondria powers and produces energy in a cell. organelles take the water when -needed. … These ribosomes are similar to the factory workers, since they both create products, and follow directions from the nucleus/CEO.

How is a ribosome like a factory?

Ribosome are like a factory, because ribosomes make proteins like factories make different products. The cell membrane is like a security guard, because the cell membrane controls what goes in and out of a cell like a security guard controls who goes in and out of the gate.

Which organelle is called factory of ribosomes?

Nucleolus: the ribosome factory.

Which organelle is known as the protein factory and why?

Answer: Ribosomes

Ribosomes are known as the protein factory of the cell. As they synthesize the proteins by gathering and assembling amino acids into protein chains. The process through which Ribosome produces proteins is called Translation.

Which organelle is known as protein factory and why?

> Ribosomes are also called ribonucleoprotein and it has important roles in various processes undertaken inside the cell. They are the site of protein synthesis, hence, known as the protein factories of the cell. >

Why nucleolus is called ribosomal factory?

Response. Ans: Because nucleolus is the location of the active synthesis of rRNA. rRNA is required for the synthesis of ribosomes along with ribosomal proteins.

Which is known as factory of protein?

The ribosome, the protein factory in every living cell, gathers amino acids and assembles them into protein chains to make almost anything the cell needs.

Why nucleus is called the factory of ribosomes?

Nucleolus make these subunits. All the major functions like ribosome biogenesis, rRNA synthesis are performed by nucleolus therefore it is called as the factory of ribosome.

What is Euchromatic nucleus?

Euchromatin is a lightly packed form of chromatin (DNA, RNA, and protein) that is enriched in genes, and is often (but not always) under active transcription. … 92% of the human genome is euchromatic. In eukaryotes, euchromatin comprises the most active portion of the genome within the cell nucleus.

How do you compare a cell to a factory?

Cells are similar to factories. To stay alive and function properly, cells have a division of labor similar to that found in factories. All eukaryotic cells are composed of a plasma membrane, a nucleus, and cytoplasm. These structures can be compared with a factory’s departments.

Why are the ribosomes called protein factories?

Ribosomes are the only cell organelle, involved in the synthesis of protein. Therefore, they are called the protein factory of the cell. Ribosomes synthesize proteins by gathering and assembling amino acids into protein chains.

What is Euchromatic and heterochromatic?

Definition. Heterochromatin and euchromatin are two major categories of chromatin higher order structure. Heterochromatin has condensed chromatin structure and is inactive for transcription, while euchromatin has loose chromatin structure and active for transcription.

Is euchromatin a metaphase chromosome?

Euchromatin Structure

In this figure, the DNA on the left side is condensed into progressively denser structures as we move rightwards, until we reach the densest conformation—the metaphase chromosome that we are used to seeing in micrographs. … This methylated lysine 4 is therefore used as a marker for euchromatin.

What is EU chromatin & hetero chromatin?

The major difference between Euchromatin and Heterochromatin is that euchromatin is an uncoiled packed and genetically active form of chromatin. While heterochromatin is a firmly packed form and is a genetically inactive part of the chromosomes.

Is the nucleus Euchromatic vs heterochromatic?

Euchromatin has a less compact structure, whereas heterochromatin is more compact and composed of an array of nucleosomes condensed into a fiber. … These regions, which are known as constitutive heterochromatin, remain condensed throughout the cell cycle and are not actively transcribed.