How do you know what volume developer to use?

Choose developer strength according to how many levels you need to lift. Use 20 Vol developer for 1-2 levels, 30 Vol for 2-3 levels & 40 Vol for 3 levels. If you are going more than 3 levels lighter, you will need to use bleach first. Stick to the recommended color and developer mix rules.

When should I use 30 or 20 volume developer?

The 20 volume developer opens the hair cuticle but unlike 10 volume, it provides lifting of the hair by one to two levels. … Choose a 30 volume developer when you want a developer that is stronger for a lighter and deeper color.

What volume color developer should I use?

Color volume is the set of all available color at all available hue, saturation and brightness. It’s the result of a 2D color space or 2D color gamut (that represent chromaticity) combined with the dynamic range.

What does mixing 10 and 20 volume developer do?

How is it different from 20 volume developer? 10 volume is for depositing only and it is best for already processed hair that requires very little lift. I use 10 volume with toners. 20 volume is used to lift and deposit.

Should I use a 10 or 20 developer?

Bullet-Point Summary – Getting your Developer Use Right

Use 10 Vol for level on level-on-level coloring and going darker. Use 20 Vol for 1-2 levels lift, for toning blonde hair and for grey hair coverage.

Does 30 Developer lighten hair?

A 30 volume developer will lighten your hair by 2 to 4 levels. A 40 volume developer is only used for lightening hair and can provide 4 to 8 levels of lift. So it depends on your hair color and what you want to achieve. … You could also try to dilute your hair dye with a conditioner to get a lighter shade.

Will a 20 Developer lighten hair?

Using 20 volume developer will lighten your hair even without bleach because of the lifting effect it has on the outermost layer of your hair (the cuticle layer). … Without bleach, 20 volume developer alone can lighten your hair by about one level.

How long should I leave 20 developer in my hair?

You shouldn’t leave 20 volume developer bleach in your hair for more than 30 minutes. However, 30 minutes is a long time. Ideally, you can remove the bleach before reaching the 30-minute maximum, but the actual timeframe will depend on your natural hair color, preferred shade, and hair type.

Will 10 volume developer cover grey hair?

10 volume developer doesn’t cover grey hair, regardless of how long you leave it on. A 10 volume is used for deposit and a slight lift, but not enough lift needed to cover grey. At best it will blend the grey but they will still be visible. To fully cover grey hair you need to use 20 volume.

How many levels will 20 volume lift?

1-2 levels
20 volume is likely the most used developer in the salon. 20volume will give 1-2 levels of lift when used with permanent hair color. It is the standard developer for grey coverage, however, a stronger developer may be needed for more resistant hair types.

How do I make a 25 volume developer?

For example, you probably will not have 25 volume sitting around, so naturally, you will mix half of 20 volume and half of 30 volume in order to make 25 volume.

What is the difference between 20 volume and 30 volume developer?

Twenty volume lightens your hair two levels and 30 volumes does it three levels. So if your hair was dark and you wanted light brown, you would use Ion color brilliance with a 30 creme developer. The developer helps the color form.

How long do you leave 30 developer in your hair?

You should leave 30 volume bleach in your hair for no longer than 15 to 30 minutes. The exact amount of time depends on your natural hair color and your desired result. For instance, if you have brown hair and want to lighten it a bit, fifteen minutes will more than likely be enough.

Should I use 20 or 30 Developer bleach?

3. What Developer Should I Use with Bleach? If you are aiming to lift by 1-2 levels, you need 20 Vol developer. If you are aiming to lift by 3 levels and more, you need 30 Vol developer.

When should I use 40 developer?

40 volume developer (12% peroxide)
  1. Serves only for lightening. Up to 8 levels of lift.
  2. Ideal for a super platinum blonde result.
  3. It is used together with a lightening cream or powder.
  4. There is a risk of hair burns. You should never use a 40 volume developer at home.

Can I use 30 developer on my roots?

Any time you use a 30 volume developer on hair, it will cause some level of damage. However, when applied properly on the right type and texture of hair, a 30 volume developer will be just fine.

Can you mix 20 and 30 developer together?

Yes you can but when lightening you really want to use a 40 volume developer. 20 and 30 are generally used for deposit colors.

Do I shampoo after bleaching?

YES! You need to wash your hair after lightener to make sure that it is all removed from the hair. Shampoo will also deactivate lightener, so that if there are traces it does not continue to do damage. Just make sure you do a deep condition after, and that you use something free of SLS and SES.