How do you unscrew a tight piercing ball?

A pair of latex or rubber gloves will usually provide enough grip to unscrew a stuck piercing ball. Make sure the jewelry is completely dry and grab the ball with your gloved hand. The bit of extra torque from the rubber gloves might provide just the right amount of traction to get your ball unstuck.

How do you unscrew a ball earring?

Which way do you unscrew an ear piercing?

Touching your studs and sleeping on them can loosen the screw, making it easier for your earring to fall out. When you have these in, tighten them every few days by twisting the top to the right. To remove your screw-in stud, you should hold the back tightly in one hand, while unscrewing the top to the left.

Do piercings unscrew clockwise?

Seen from above, you tighten your piercing clockwise and loosen it again. … Hold your piercing rod with one hand and loosen the ball with the other. You can now change your piercing jewelry. After the change, turn the ball back on and you’re done!

How do you take out a helix piercing?