Which AU SANS is the most popular?

1. UnderFell. Probably the most popular, this AU takes the “Kill or be Killed” motto to a whole new level. Starting as a design aesthetic, the fandom has created some ground rules- with monster SOULS not made of love, but of LOVE, and a more red oriented color scheme.

Which sans AU has the most HP?

The monster with the highest HP (other than Gaster, who doesn’t actually have any fight information or Sprite or anything other than stats and isn’t possible to fight in the game) is Mettaton Neo with 30000 HP.

Who is the weakest Sans AU?

What is the weakest Sans AU?
  • Sans, Known as the Weakest OC, is one of the weakest Sans in the world. …
  • Sans has more than 1 HP! …
  • Ink is asexual. …
  • Well Sans bleeds when we hit him. …
  • He can dodge, I think because of determination. …
  • Sans has no soul so it wouldn’t appear when Asriel broke the barrier.

Who is King multiverse Sans?

King Multiverse is a 6’7 monarch, his height always being as tall as can be through his tall posture. He wears a black jacket, most commonly emanating a purple hue due to the light from his eyes. He wears a brown scarf over his neck, mostly for style.

Who is Omni 404 Sans?

Omni404 is non-canon for Alphatale and battle vs Infinitey Code. Omni404 still sees Ten as a ghost around him, giving him orders to do, even though he doesn’t litsen. Omni is able to beat beings who are Outerversal, even if they can bypass Dimension Tiering and Omnipotence is irrelevant to them.

Is ink Sans a girl?

What is Ink’s canon gender? Ink is a male and uses he/him/they/them pronouns.

Who can beat Error 404 Sans?

Error404 is an extremely dangerous entity to come upon, and the only way to possibly win a battle against him would be to simply flee. There’s no point trying to eliminate what can always return. 404’s streaks of black lines on his face are scar marks that he’d made from his breakdown in the Anti-Void.

Who is infinity code Sans?

Infinitey Code is an antagonistic Out! Code created by DARTHROOM as the end boss of all adventures and RPs. Born from the scrapyard of ideas and concept, he became self aware and observed the worlds of the multiverse.

What Au is Bill Sans from?

Sans — (also known as Absurd Sans) – this is Sans, who is tired of dumping and gives Bill Cipher the ability to control his body. Originally from the Underfalls / Gravitytale universe.

Who made Geno Sans?

Geno! Sans (otherwise known as Geno) is an OC created by LoverofPiggies (or CrayonQueen). Geno is a Sans from another timeline who injected himself with determination from Alphys’ True Lab in an attempt to hijack the resets.

How strong is virus 404 Sans?

Virus404 is 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 stronger than other viruses. Virus404 has no AU to call his own, so he usually wanders as different people. Virus404 can go through objects. Virus404 hates Errors and is half and half when it comes to Virus!

What can omnipotent Sans do?

Omni can summon light-based attacks the size of a moon, from a light sword to a light god.

What is the Godverse?

Godverses are realms beyond the Omniverse that are home to all-powerful all-seeing gods. There are three Godverses within The Barrel; one belonging to Creator, one belonging to Destroyer, and one belonging to Hyperman. Advertisement.

Is 404 and error?

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How did epic Sans get his scar?

In the original story, Epic! Sans was a fusion of Sans and Gaster, which is how he got his scar.

Who is fatal virus Sans?

Fatal Virus can copy, take away, rearrange or completely reset the memory, feelings, and past of the person he chooses. This ability is usually used with Trojan horse after taking away the memory and killing the object. It can be used by anyone including Ultra God Sans.

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