What is an inference quizlet?

inference. a judgment based on reasoning rather than on a direct or explicit statement — a conclusion based on facts or circumstances; understanding gained by “reading between the lines”

Which of the following is an inference a burning candle?

It can proceed in the dark. Which of the following is an inference? A burning candle is extinguished when it is covered with a jar. The candle burns longer than expected in a jar that has a plant in it.

Which of the following are examples of inference?

Inference is using observation and background to reach a logical conclusion. You probably practice inference every day. For example, if you see someone eating a new food and he or she makes a face, then you infer he does not like it. Or if someone slams a door, you can infer that she is upset about something.

What of the following is an inference?

An inference is an educated guess. … When you make an inference, you’re reading between the lines or just looking carefully at the facts and coming to conclusions. You can also make faulty inferences. If you hear a person’s weight is 250 pounds, you might make the inference that they’re overweight.