Which of the following statements is PERT?

Correct Option: C. PERT : A project management tool that provides a graphical representation of a project’s timeline. PERT charts allow the tasks in a particular project to be analyzed, with particular attention to the time required to complete each task, and the minimum time required to finish the entire project.

Which of the following statement regarding Gantt chart is true?

Which of the following statements regarding Gantt charts is true? a. Gantt charts give a timeline and precedence relationships for each activity of a project. … Gantt charts use the four standard spines of Methods, Materials, Manpower, and Machinery.

Which of the following is basic assumption of PERT?

The main PERT assumptions are given along the following lines: The activity durations are independent random variables. The critical paths are independent (i.e. have no activities in common) The normal distribution can be applied (n is sufficiently large) thanks to the central limit theorem.

What is PERT quizlet?

What is PERT? Pert is a method to analyse the involved tasks in completing a given project, especially the time needed to complete each task, and identifying the minimum time needed to complete the total project.

Which statement is true about network diagram and Gantt chart?

Like PERT charts, network diagrams are a flowchart that show the sequential workflow of project tasks, whereas a Gantt is a bar chart that shows the project schedule in a graphic representation. Gantts tend to focus on tasks and time management while the project is ongoing.

Which of the following is true about the critical path?

The critical path is the longest activity sequence in the network. It has zero float, or slack, time, and it controls the project end date. Using the critical path, you can determine which tasks can start late or go longer than planned without impacting the project end date.

Why is PERT biased?

If the manager’s network has multiple parallel paths with relatively equal means and large variances, Pert calculations will be considerably biased. Simulation can be utilized to estimate the distribution of completion time in this case, and guide the manager in appraising and controlling his chances of completion.

What is critical path in PERT chart quizlet?

PERT charts typically show tasks and task dependencies shown as a network of circles (or boxes) connected by dependency arrows. … Given all the task time durations and predecessor/successor dependencies, the critical path is that sequence of tasks which determine the overall project completion date.

What does a PERT chart show?

A PERT chart, also known as a PERT diagram, is a tool used to schedule, organize, and map out tasks within a project. PERT stands for program evaluation and review technique. It provides a visual representation of a project’s timeline and breaks down individual tasks.

Is indicated by the activities with zero slack?

Crash activities with zero slack. Critical activities are those that can be delayed without delaying the entire project. PERT and CPM are applicable only when there is no dependence among activities. A path through a project network must reach every node.

Which formula is used to calculate the PERT expected time?

The PERT estimate (E) is based on a formula that includes your optimistic time estimate (O), your most likely time estimate (M) and your pessimistic time estimate (P). The basic equation is this: E = (O + 4M +P) / 6 .

What is PERT and CPM?

PERT is a project management technique, whereby planning, scheduling, organising, coordinating and controlling uncertain activities are done. CPM is a statistical technique of project management in which planning, scheduling, organising, coordination and control of well-defined activities take place.

What is slack in PERT?

Event slack is defined as the difference between the latest event and earliest event times. Slack time is the amount of time a task can be delayed before the project finish date is delayed. Thus, the slack is the difference between event times denoting the range within which an event time can vary. Slack = TL – TE.

When activity times are uncertain total project time is normally?

The length of time an activity can be delayed without affecting the project completion time is the slack. When activity times are uncertain, total project time is normally distributed with mean equal to the sum of the means of all of the critical activities.

What is zero slack in project management?

By default and by definition, a task with zero (0) slack is considered a critical task. If a critical task is delayed, the project finish date is also delayed. … A negative slack value indicates there isn’t enough time scheduled for the task and more time is needed to prevent your project finish date from slipping.

What is true regarding float or slack?

In project management, float or slack is the amount of time that a task in a project network can be delayed without causing a delay to: subsequent tasks (“free float”) project completion date (“total float”).

What is PERT analysis based on?

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) is a method used to examine the tasked that are in a schedule and determine a variation of the Critical Path Method (CPM).

What is the slack time?

Slack time can be defined as the amount of time a task can be delayed without causing another task to be delayed or impacting the completion date of your project. … Less frequently, there aren’t enough tasks to keep a team member busy.

What does float mean in project management?

Put simply, project management float is the amount of time a given task can be delayed without causing a delay in the entire project.

What is float in a schedule?

Learn that Total Float is the amount of time that a task or activity in a schedule can be delayed without causing a delay to subsequent activities and the project completion date.