Which process must occur before mitosis and mitosis can occur?

Before a cell can enter the active phases of mitosis, however, it must go through a period known as interphase, during which it grows and produces the various proteins necessary for division.

Which process must occur before mitosis and meiosis can occur quizlet?

Which process MUST occur before mitosis and meiosis can occur? the final phase of cell division, between anaphase and interphase, in which the chromatids or chromosomes move to opposite ends of the cell and two nuclei are formed.

What must occur before meiosis can begin?

Before meiosis actually begins, the DNA that is packaged into chromosomes must be fully copied. Previous to replication, a germ cell contains two copies of each chromosome, a maternal copy, and a paternal copy.

What must happen before mitosis can begin?

Mitosis is a process where a single cell divides into two identical daughter cells. Before mitosis begins, the cell replicates its DNA, making two copies of each chromosome, called sister chromatids. One chromatid will go to each daughter cell.

Which process must happen before cell division occurs?

Interphase. Interphase is the process through which a cell must go before mitosis, meiosis, and cytokinesis. Interphase consists of three main phases: G1, S, and G2. G1 is a time of growth for the cell where specialized cellular functions occur in order to prepare the cell for DNA Replication.

Which process must take place before mitosis can occur properly quizlet?

G1; the decision in G1 to divide is what causes the cell to progress to S phase. What must happen before a cell can begin mitosis? The chromosomes must be duplicated, which occurs during interphase.