Which statement is a central idea of the text?

CENTRAL IDEA: The chief point an author is making about a topic; the author’s primary message. Sometimes the central idea is stated, but sometimes it must be inferred. DEVELOPMENT: The building of an idea/ideas throughout a text. RELATIONSHIP: A connection between two or more ideas, events, individuals, etc.

Which statement best identifies the central idea of the text for the Scottsboro boys?

Part A: Which statement BEST identifies the CENTRAl IDEA of the text? The Scottsboro Boys’ trials showed the enormous degree of racial inequality that existed in the United States’ criminal justice system. The Scottsboro Boys’ trials were an unfortunate mistake made in U.S. history that have since been apologized for.

What is the central idea of the Scottsboro Boys by Jessica McBirney?

In “The Scottsboro Boys,” Jessica McBirney discusses the historic event in which nine black boys were wrongfully accused and convicted of assault. As we read, we will be discussing the themes of Justice, Freedom & Equality, Prejudice & Discrimination, and Social Change & Revolution as they relate to the text.

Which of the following identifies the central idea of the text the Great Depression?

Which of the following identifies the central idea of the text? The Great Depression was a very difficult time for America, and eventually the government took action to help the economy recover. … The Great Depression could not have been prevented, as the previous decades had experienced nothing but growth.

What is the meaning of the word inflammatory used in paragraph 4?

What is the meaning of the word “inflammatory” used in paragraph 4? causing anger. Which detail from the text best supports the answer to Part A? “They falsely claimed the nine black teenagers had raped them.” (Paragraph 3)

Why is the Scottsboro Boys case so important in African-American history?

The case marked the first stirrings of the civil rights movement and led to two landmark Supreme Court rulings that established important rights for criminal defendants. Nine young black Alabama youths – ranging in age from 12 to 19 – were charged with raping two white women near the small town of Scottsboro, Alabama.

How were the Scottsboro Boys accused?

The Scottsboro Boys were nine African-American teenagers, ages 12 to 19, accused in Alabama of raping two white women in 1931. … A group of white teenage boys saw 18-year-old Haywood Patterson on the train and attempted to push him off the train, claiming that it was “a white man’s train”.

Why did the train stop in Scottsboro Alabama the Scottsboro Boys?

Why did the train stop in Scottsboro, Alabama? The black youths were wanted for raping two women. … The white men reported the black youths for riding the train illegally.

What was the significance of the case of the Scottsboro Nine quizlet?

What was the significance of the trials? They showed the issue with all-white juries, and was widely seen as a key example of racial bias in the legal system.